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  1. taras107

    UTI prescription diet rant.

    ​I'm feeding them Purina dry for Gentle Digestion and I give them canned cat food daily. I stopped giving them the Temptation treats after I read that article. And boy are they mad at me! Thanks for the support! Helps to talk about it.....T
  2. taras107

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    ​Looks like a cousin to my Nudgie and Dooley!
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  7. taras107

    UTI prescription diet rant.

    new to this site...just want to say that my kitten passed away last year from a ruptured bladder. I have 3 cats and he was my baby. I noticed that his belly was swollen so I took him to the vet and it was too late. He asked what food I was giving him and my other cats. It was Indoor Friskys Dry...
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