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  1. drjean

    So long, farewell!

    I must now bid you wonderful folks a fond farewell and return to reality...It's really been fun to spend this week with you! I learned a lot and hope you did too! If you have more questions, don't forget to check my website, www.littlebigcat.com. Our free article library was created to be a...
  2. drjean

    Chronic Sinusitis?

    You betcha! We've covered all of this in other threads this week, but what the heck, let's summarize! 1) Cats do not typically get hay fever or sinus problems from allergies. Usually inhalant allergies cause skin problems in cats (and dogs). Most likely this is a chronic recurring virus (most...
  3. drjean


    Exercise good, pulling things bad! Carrying his sweet self around will be plenty, I think!
  4. drjean

    Best fiber for sensitive tummy kitties?

    Should be. The botanical name is "Althea officinalis" (which an herbalist friend of mine named her daughter (the Althea part, not officinalis!) so it's easy for me to remember!). It's very easy to find online as well. Here's an impressive article from a medical school...
  5. drjean

    Anyone doing -cooked- homemade diets?

    You guys are totally awesome! Thanks!!!
  6. drjean

    Best fiber for sensitive tummy kitties?

    The simplest and most tasteless is (really!) unflavored Metamucil. You can get powdered psyllium in bulk at the health food store, which is the same thing, but Metamucil brand seems to have a little less obnoxious texture. Marshmallow and slippery elm are good for tender tummies and contain...
  7. drjean


    I treated Sophie with homotoxicology alone in the formula I mentioned. For your dog he'd do best with 750-1000 mg each of glucosamine sulfate and MSM per day. A large breed dog is considered elderly at age 7. So even if Chewy gets to feeling great, I would not recommend any joint-stressing...
  8. drjean


    Geez, I can't believe I keep forgetting to post the link to my own article! I just updated it to add the latest and greatest... http://www.littlebigcat.com/index.ph...rthritisincats
  9. drjean


    Yeah, yeah, I've heard that about Cosequin and its cousins, but I get great results with just plain ol' glucosamine sulfate. It's true that chondroitin is poorly absorbed, so they have done some chemical magic to change that...but these products still have a lot of extra stuff in them--IMHO...
  10. drjean

    Visiting a holistic vet for a consultation?

    I guess it depends somewhat on the particular doctor's preference, so I'd give the office a call and ask about fees and what kind of records they want. Many homeopaths want to take their own history, focusing on different things than are probably in the record...but I'd recommend getting a copy...
  11. drjean

    Chin Acne.

    Yes indeed! For me. the task of cleaning up a chin under anesthesia does include at least a few of these satisfying events!
  12. drjean

    i only eat the jelly

    Hi, this is Spencer, Dr. Jean's very best cat! When my mom gets that kind of food, I make her smush it all up with a fork and mix it evenly with the jelly, until it is all smooth and consistent. I guess it is hard to do, because her output of grumpy words tends to increase while she works! But I...
  13. drjean

    Alopecia in young male cat.

    Not sure I would use the term "molt," but these guys have "evergrowing" coats that don't shed...but even that kind of hair goes through a cycle of growing, stability, and death, and are ultimately replaced by new hairs. However, the amount, symmetry, and location--and the failure of the coat...
  14. drjean

    eyes/ears/immune booster ?s

    You may not have transitioned him to wet food correctly; maybe try this:http://www.littlebigcat.com/index.ph...switchingfoods If you want him to lose weight, you definitely have to stop feeding him dry food. Canned food will produce safe, healthy weight loss. At the very least, never leave dry...
  15. drjean

    Anyone doing -cooked- homemade diets?

    You guys are great! This is really cool! I would love to hear more details...including kitties ages, names, all that good stuff. I'm going to ask you, if you don't mind, to post on the list rather than PM, so everyone can have the benefit of learning more about them! However if you're...
  16. drjean

    eyes/ears/immune booster ?s

    Interesting question! A large majority of chronic/recurrent upper respiratory infections are in fact due to herpesvirus (rhinotracheitis). They tend to come and go, and often flare-up during times of stress. I could set my watch for Thanksgiving and the beginning of the holidays, because Monday...
  17. drjean

    Chin Acne.

    You're right! I've said it all along, but I will add this to my list of dry food evils!
  18. drjean


    Hey, I'm having a *great* time too! Forgot to mention, I've heard reports of very good results with PlaqueOff, just haven't tried it myself.
  19. drjean

    Flat Chested Kitten Syndrome, FCK

    Actually, my (human) cousin had a similar condition, pectus excavatum. It was fairly significant when he was a kid, but he outgrew it. I think it depends on the severity of the defect, what genes might be operating and when they turn on and off. It isn't usually detectable in newborns but gets...
  20. drjean

    Cat that won't eat Wet food

    Hey Tim, good to see you here! Your story is a great example of the persistence and patience needed to make the switch. It's worth it, though! Good on ya!