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    Cat Enclosures And Gates

    I thought I post a thread about cat enclosures - indoor and out ... Please add your own images of cool catio spaces, indoor cat rooms or solutions for containment. We have to confine our cats at night because our boy seems to have horrible night vision and has gotten himself into trouble. When...
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    Three Cat Dynamic

    When I was researching having 3 cats I found little information so I thought I post my own experience here and see what other people's experiences have been. Our first kitten was a foster- he was supposed to stay with us only to recover from neutering and find a home. We fell in love with him...
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    Hi Forum -joining The Ranks Of Foster Failures :-)

    Hi everyone, I have always been a dog person - and I have always fostered and sometimes kept mill puppies. Recently I was approached with a request to foster a " failure to thrive" kitten ...he came to us with 16 weeks and ... only 2 lb so he could recover from his neutering. We are not sure...