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  1. miagi's_mommy

    Job Advice Needed, Please!

    Last weekend I got a new job. I can only work up to 10 hours a week due to my disability. My 2nd night I was supposed to work 5 hours and they sent me home after 2 hours. Friday and Saturday this week they did the same. Today, they sent me home after 15 minutes. Why? Because it was slow and...
  2. miagi's_mommy

    2018 Christmas Card Exchange!

    Are you interested in sending and receiving printed Christmas cards this year? Opening cards from around the world can be so much fun and it's interesting to see all the cards! To make the event fun for everybody, there are some rules that we must follow: The 2018 Christmas Card Exchange is...
  3. miagi's_mommy

    Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes

    I didn’t see a question for today so might as well do it! :) What’s your favorite dish at Thanksgiving? Mine is most of the meal so I guess I don’t have a favorite since I love it all.. but I always look forward to pumpkin pie!
  4. miagi's_mommy

    2017 Christmas Card Exchange!

    Are you interested in sending and receiving printed Christmas cards this year? Opening cards from around the world can be so much fun and it's interesting to see all the cards! To make the event fun for everybody, there are some rules that we must follow: The 2017 Christmas Card Exchange is...
  5. miagi's_mommy

    Meet Sir Fluffy Britches!

    He's my family's new boy! 128513 Background: a girl had him all of his life (he's 3) and couldn't have him at her new place. So my parents took him home yesterday . I've heard he is super sweet and can't wait to meet him! I'm attaching a few pics. There will be more to come!
  6. miagi's_mommy

    Christmas work parties.

    Does your job have them? And if you go do you enjoy yourself? My new job (I've been there 8 months now) is hosting one on Sunday at a fancy restaurant. The store pays for the employees' meals including appetizers, drinks (unless it's alcohol) and dessert. I hope someone will want spinach...
  7. miagi's_mommy

    Christmas Dinner Menu

    Is it too early to talk about it? Here's the menu I know of so far and we'll be having it on Christmas Eve since my brother has to go back on Christmas. Prime Rib (we don't like ham too much and we've been having prime rib the last 4 years or so.) Fresh Green Beans with bacon Mashed...
  8. miagi's_mommy

    Black Friday

    I didn't want to hijack the Thanksgiving Dinner Menu thread... so do you usually go shopping then or stay home? Or go online for certain deals? I pretty much stay home... but have to work 8 hours on Friday since I am a cashier. It shouldn't be too bad as the people who price stuff in the back...
  9. miagi's_mommy

    My precious Miagi....

    I had to say goodbye to my precious, precious Miagi on Friday afternoon. He was in liver failure and his prognosis wasn't good so I decided it twas the right thing to do was let him go to the bridge no matter how much I hurt. He was my very first cat, a goofball and made my life so much...
  10. miagi's_mommy

    Rabies shot experiences.

    Angel has to have her rabies shot and I was just wondering if she will do OK and not get sick from it? What has your experience been with your cat/s getting rabies shots?  Were they lethargic for a day or two or just act like nothing has happened? She hasn't ever gotten a rabies shot as she is...
  11. miagi's_mommy

    Meet Lizzy!

    This amazing girl is our new addition we adopted her on Saturday. She has a bit of a rough past, but is doing very well adjusting. She's such a sweetheart and we just love her! She is recognizing us as her people, too. She wags her tail and loves being leashed up for walks. And she gets up and...
  12. miagi's_mommy

    Tiger the prince my best friend ? 1999 - February 17th, 2015

    I know I don't post here at all any more; but I said goodbye to Tiger on Tuesday evening as the vet confirmed he was dying. I thought I'd let you all know since I shared stories of him here. On Monday in the middle of the night he didn't eat very much and nearly refused his treats which was his...
  13. miagi's_mommy

    For the dog fans.. my brother's puppy Archer!

    I don't think I ever introduced Archer. My brother adopted him in January at 9 weeks. My brother came over with him and he was so little! And quite skinny too. Here's a few pictures of him then: Now at 6 months. He is around 40-45 lbs now. He will probably round off at 50-60 lbs. He is...
  14. miagi's_mommy

    Want to feel a little old? ;)

    This is crazy and I am only 25.
  15. miagi's_mommy

    Question of the Day Friday Jan 14th

    I haven't seen question of the day so I hope it's ok I make one for today. What are your favorite top 5 songs at the moment?
  16. miagi's_mommy

    So what did you get for Christmas?

    All from my family - Now 36 Cd Lucky You Perfurem Dewey The Library Cat book Step Up 3 Movie A Mcdonalds Gift Card A Burger King Gift card A JCpenny's gift card Sweatpants Friends Forever dog book A Cupcake maker.. I thought that was funny. That should be interesting. Some nice...
  17. miagi's_mommy

    Fame the movie!!

    Has anyone seen it? I would recommend it to anyone that isn't a guy. I saw it today and it's a kick-butt movie! I didn't even see a guy in the theatre! I would give it 5 stars. So if you like dance movies you should go! It's a little over 2 hours though but didn't bore me or make me yawn...
  18. miagi's_mommy

    If anyone says I am an unappreciated volunteer they are wrong..

    They are dead wrong.. I just thought I'd post this here and share. The lady who runs the animal shelter where I volunteer whom I consider a friend and the 2 other ladies I consider friends also. I was about ready to leave for the night just because it was getting late and I rode my bike to...
  19. miagi's_mommy

    "Pit bull Blues" video!

    I love this video what a great way to represent the breed! When I see pit bulls walking I have to go over and pet them I ask their owners first of course. I love this breed so much! Enjoy the video. I hope that this changes people's minds about pit bulls.
  20. miagi's_mommy

    A rescuers answering machine!

    The lady who runs the shelter where I volunteer got this in an e-mail and printed it out for me to take home and I thought I'd share. It's so true! We hear most of these every day and see them. Sure you have heard all of these before. I know I have heard most of them!! A RESCUERS ANSWERING...