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  1. tiptopper


    We are interested in a cat tree. Is anyone familiar with this brand, pros or cons?  Thanks!
  2. tiptopper

    Evangers Recall

     Did anyone hear about this? Pentobarbital detected specific lots
  3. tiptopper

    German Apple Cake

    I do not have an electric mixer. Would this cake come out ok mixing by hand? Thanks
  4. tiptopper

    Freeze dried with smaller/less bone fragments

    My cats like Stella & Chewy's freeze dried turkey but I notice bone pieces which are quite large. After eating they will make hacking/ coughing noises . Any suggestions for a brand more finely ground? Thanks.
  5. tiptopper

    Cat with Pancreatitis

    Looking for advice. Our 12 year old was diagnosed with Pancreatitis about 1 year ago. He was stable until New Years eve. He went to sit on a chair in our tv room and shows no interest in moving. We brought food and water to him which he accepts. He got off the chair and peed on the floor. We...