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  1. gavin1

    teeth grinding

    Hello! Just curious, does anyone else have their kitten/cat grind teeth? Her jaw also locks when yawning too widely. The vet dental specialist said the jaw lock is not painful and may grow out of it. She does have kitten/juvenile gingivitis and we're brushing her teeth every night. She a year...
  2. gavin1

    Kitten losing fur around mouth

    Hello, again. We adopted our beautifully chocolate Coco from the humane society a few weeks ago and noticed then that she seems to have very little hair around her mouth and top of eyes to her ears. It seems to be getting worse. She's otherwise healthy (no fleas and negative for anything they...
  3. gavin1

    Chocolate DLH Fur Baby

    Hello. This is Coco, our new 12 week old kitten. We adopted her from the Humane Society so we know she is a 'domestic longhaired' cat. I believe chocolate is a rare color for cats, but she is mainly chocolate with some darker chocolate legs (aka boots) and tail. I've had black cats before and...