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    My 'lil Mama's: Sweet Dora & Red Rose "rosy"

    As many of you may remember, after the loss of my babies within the same year, I promised I would adopt 2 senior cats who had once know a home. 2017 was a long year. After looking at hundreds of pictures online of local shelters and being disappointed for not acting quick enough, it finally...
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    Feedback Drafts

    DRAFTS!!! I don't see a draft feature. Am I missing it or is it a hidden feature somewhere. lol sorry for all the questions. I actually thought that was a great feature, especially in times of needing to step away from the computer. Please know my questions are based on my using TCS via...
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    Palm Oil FREE Margarine/Spread - any Vegans out there???

    Hello, I'm looking for suggestions. I have mild but noticeable Xanthelasma on my eyes, upper and lower.  I recently burned them off and after much pain, I'm at a place where I can live with them and don't mind looking in the mirror. I have always eaten pretty clean, yet this still developed...
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    Tropical Fish Tanks & Filters

    Hello  - Any Fish People Out There??? My Penn Plax Canister filter broke down last week and I've been researching new possibilities. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Although the Penn Plax treated us well for 9 years, I was curious as to what others were using. I have a 55...
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    Bird Flu Outbreak in Cats: NYC Area - FYI If you are ADOPTING!

    My neighboring town is now housing over 500 cats to be tested for bird flue, This happening now after a vet was infected after treating a cat in December. There has been a quarantine issued for all shelters in the NYC Area for over 500 cats...
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    Chestnut: Urinating Blood Clots - history of Crystals Need ADVICE!!! thanks

    Before I start, let me say that I'm waiting for a call back from the vet. Chestnut had crystals last January and was the reason for me finding this site. and then as most of you know my boy Simon was diagnosed with cancer and he became my main focus. I guess what I'm looking for is anyone who...
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    Issues with The Cat Site using Google Chrome or Explorer 9/8/2016

    Sometime between 7:30pm ad 8:30pm tonight - my browser is no longer compatible with Rich Text I can no longer use Quote's and when I do it ends up in the reply as jumble. Was there work done on the site between that time??? Below is the message I'm getting above my reply - The rich...
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    Members I Follow - Have Been Deleted.

    Hello Everyone,  I haven't been on the site in a few days, but when I just logged on, I noticed that the Members I Follow is now 0. I was only following 9 but now they're gone. Has anyone else had issues or has there been changes while I was logged off??? Thanks
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    Simon's Story: A Cat's Tail... "a life celebrated".

    Simon's Story:  A Cat's Tail... "a life celebrated".                                                                                                                                                          Simon James Found Thursday 10:30am - June 5th, 2003 - Forever Lost Wednesday 4:54ish...
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    GIF's hosted by Photobucket?

    HELP!!!!!! This may be a redundant question and I've searched The Cat Site. LOL but I can't get my GIF's to work. LOL  I was using the url  in pictures. ???  is that correct? Can GIF's hosted by Photobucket be posted in this forum "The Cat Site"  I feel silly I can't get them to work. Any...
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    Need Help w/ Feral Mommy & her litter

    I don't know if I did the right thing.   I was walking to the grocery and I noticed a really cute cat "tortoiseshell cat" carrying a little grey kitten over a garden fence out onto the sidewalk.  She saw me and froze, she didn't know where to run, I just stood still and was worried she was...
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    Cat Jealous Over Sick Sibling.

    Just curious... And yes, I'm scheduled for a vet appointment. I know that's the first thing people usually ask here. LOL My girl Chestnut was sick with crystals back in January.  It was she who brought me to this site.   Soon after she was on the road to recovery, my boy Simon was diagnosed...
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    Tumor / SCC: Defying the Odds with Hospice Care - Living with a Terminally Ill Loved One, I share w

    Introduction: The purpose of this thread is to give hope and comfort to others who have loved ones diagnosed with a terminal illness and facing the difficult decisions of treatments and euthanasia or Treatment vs. Euthanasia.  What to do? The day Simon was diagnosed, I started a calendar/diary...
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    Even though I had an appointment set with my old nasty mean vet Sunday, my gut told me to use the vet recommended to me by a reliable source.  Glad I did, at least I know now.  As it turned out, the lump under Simon's chin is a large tumor.  They prescribed ClindaMed liquid drops 2x's a day to...
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    2 Cats - 2 Problems - Kidney Meds Issues and Lump Under Chin soon to see vet.

    First Kitty - Chestnut my voluptuous 20 lb, soon to be 13 year old girl.  Rescue cat, we adopted from Kitty Kind in NYC/Union Square.  Sweetest Girl, loving us now for 6 years. Back story:  Around Christmas, she started sneezing, runny nose and eyes, other than that she seemed fine and the...
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    Chestnut and Simon

    Hello Fellow Cat Lovers,  I've been glued to this site for a couple of days now and figured it was time to join.  I found it while searching for info on my female cat Chestnut, who developed a urine/kidney infection.  She had a rough day at the vet, and is now sleeping, she'll be back to herself...