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  4. sammie5

    One more question (sorry)

    I kept Bailey in the bathroom pretty much for the first week. She didn't mind, and would actually hide behind the toilet, so even that tiny room seemed to be too much for her. I would go and sit on the floor with her, and let Sam in with me, a few minutes at first, then for longer periods...
  5. sammie5

    what's your most prized possesion? other than your furbaby's

    I have been working really hard to wean myself from my attachement to things, because that leads to awful consequences and a house that is too full of stuff. But still, if I had to rescue something from a burning building, it would be my clarinet. When I lived in a high rise, years ago, the...
  6. sammie5

    Silly arguement.....

    Another Canadian here, voting for running shoes, or runners. Sneakers are a very specific type of shoe, canvas upper, flat rubber sole, with 2 or 3 eyelets and short laces. Keds are sneakers. Sneakers are a sub-set of runners.
  7. sammie5

    Can you remember???

    1)What's the first TV show you remember watching? Beverly Hillbillies. "Come and listen to a story 'bout a man named Jed, just a poor mountaineer, barely kept his family fed.." Oh, wait, maybe it was My Three Sons. 2)First concert you attended? Aside from Community Theatre? (We had...
  8. sammie5

    Should I include a photo?

    Absolutely not! I had a co-op student working for me, she included a photo with her resume, I told her that was a big no-no. There must be no possibility for discrimination, either from you or the prospective employer. Also, no mention of marital status, or even age, although that is usually...
  9. sammie5

    Groomer smoking question

    Aside from the second hand smoke issues, why should you pay for grooming, and then have a cat that stinks of cigarette smoke. They may not be aware that is a problem. I'd point it out, and just say you expect your money's worth, and if they can't guarantee it, you will have to go elsewhere.
  10. sammie5

    Is there a limit on how much you can withdraw using an ATM machine?

    You can have it set to whatever amount you want, assuming you have enough money in the account. When I am going on vacation, I usually have my daily cash limit raised, because I am not ever sure that I can use debit for purchases. That way, I am not short on cash. I believe that the banks set...
  11. sammie5

    Rosie and Sophie's new den

    That's perfect! I always have the latest box somewhere for the beasts to play with. I usually throw it away when Bailey has it clawed enough that a corner collapses. I also usually have a pizza box under the coffee table, that's Sam's favourite to sleep on. It reminds me of the wonderful...
  12. sammie5

    Post Flipping Nakita

    That's hilarious. The first time, I was thinking, yup, exactly the way you described it. Then, she goes and does the exact same thing a second time! Including rubbing her face on the string!
  13. sammie5

    Ideas for inexpensive but very nice table decorations?

    Heh. Steal away. It's not my idea anyway, I have seen it done at fancy gala events, where they get professional designers to do the tables. I love stealing ideas from expensive professional designers.
  14. sammie5

    Ideas for inexpensive but very nice table decorations?

    A really pretty way to decorate a table that I have seen lately is using a mirror. Put a round mirror (or any shape, really), in the middle of the table. Scatter coloured confetti over it. Then place your centrepiece in the middle of it - it can be a small vase of flowers with balloons tied...
  15. sammie5

    Favorite Olympic Competition?

    I think the Skeleton athletes are people too crazy for the luge. "Hey, that luge, it's way too safe, even though you can't see where you are going, and you get to sit on the sled before you start. Let's try taking a running start, and go head first. That should work"
  16. sammie5

    What would you do?

    My gosh, what a reaction from her? I don't understand it at all. I have clients with a pair of doberman's that aren't docked, and they are adorable. I'd say, if she is going to be like that, you shouldn't take the pup from her. Or, offer to pay, and then she can't dictate the terms.
  17. sammie5

    Favorite Olympic Competition?

    I love the sports that we don't get to see very often, especially luge, skeleton, speed skating, (both short and long track). And I am a sucker for the endurance races, like the cross country skiing. When the athletes give it their all, and collapse across the finish line, I love it. And like...
  18. sammie5

    I have narrowed the name search-who has a Bijou?

    I love the name Bijou. It reminds me of a great jazz song, by Lambert Hendricks and Ross, who were a great jazz vocal trio in the 1950's. (No, I don't remember them from way back, I have a 1970's reissue of one of their albums with that song on it). It means "A small, exquisitely wrought...
  19. sammie5

    Scratching a $2000 TV!

    I have had good luck with double sided tape. I bought a new couch, and a cat I had staying with us liked scratching it. I put strips of double sided tape across the areas she used (not a solid mass of tape, but strips at intervals across it), and that seemed to work. It also came off the...
  20. sammie5

    Does anyone else find this amazing?

    Just to be picky and pedantic for a minute here; they are Canada Geese, not Canadian Geese. And they are magnificent birds. But not too popular when you have dozens of them pooping on the lawn and eating the grass. We have a love/hate relationship with them here in Southern Ontario.