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    Treating Fur Mites in Cats... seeking natural remedies please!

    Does anyone here have experience treating fur mites in cats? A foster has just picked up a stray cat who has been diagnosed as having fur mites, and is looking for herbal/natural remedies. I've read on the internet that lemongrass, neem, garlic and wormwood are good, but I have no idea how to...
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    Gugu & Gigi fool around with tinsel

    Kinda late with the festive theme, but here's the G clan playing with leftover tinsel "Hey what's this? Its... interesting." "Lets have a taste" "Ohhhh this SUCKS" Two hours later, the dreaded tinsel is still leaving a funny taste in his mouth... "Gosh eww... WHAT is that you were...
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    GuGu, GiGi and GaGa

    Just wanna share pix of my friend's 3 cats. They sure are adorable, and they grew up way too quickly. I regret not taking pix of them when they were young and their faces were all round and innocent GuGu the panther Gigi the pretty girl Gaga the affectionate one - she'd climb into...
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    my special feline pal

    I've known this guy for around 6-7 years. He's a stray who hangs out at a HUGE park facing the sea. Yup, he's got a piece of prime real estate there. He gets peace around 5 days a week on the weekdays when everyone's working. It only gets crowded during weekends, and he'll normally disappear...
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    Major Vibes Needed - Whisky has gone missing

    Major vibes needed. My friend's 10 year old Shihtzu Whisky has mysteriously gone missing. The compound where the dogs live is large, so we didn't think much of it when we didn't see him at around 8 plus last night. Whisky sometimes likes to relax in the front area of the compound, so we...
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    I need to know if this is a real company - Puppy-beef & Kittyxbeef

    Hi, has anyone heard of the company that runs these two sites: www dot puppy beef . com & www . kittybeef dot com If they are real, its truly disgusting
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    Difference between Ocicats and Bengals?

    Hi! Was hoping someone could point out obvious differences between Ocicats and Bengals. Are there any physical differences between the two?
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    Caged: Mind, Body and Spirit (Johor Zoo)

    Went to Malaysia specifically to visit the Johor Zoo last Sunday. All in all, the zoo was pretty horrific. Many animals were kept with very consideration about what their natural habitats are or even the most basic supplies. I think the photos will do all the talking... This baby macaque has...
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    I had a meaningful Vday!

    OK this is quite a long story, but I'll try to keep it short. A number of months ago, my friends received a call from a taxi driver who had been feeding a particular stray dog who hangs out at an industrial area. This taxi driver had been feeding him for months, but while the dog was friendly...
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    I regret going on this holiday - rant

    I have posted some time ago in response to someone else's thread about mothers. My mother and I have never had a good relationship - we irritate each other easily and often quarrel. I went with my mother on a 5 day trip to Hong Kong from 21st December to 25th December. I knew it was a bad idea...
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    Tis the season to bottlefeed puppies!

    Along with the teeny bundle of orange fluff (posted in Fur Pics), another person also passed on an armful of squirming puppies. This person is a caregiver to stray dogs around the area, and discovered this litter of pups next to their dead mum. He hardly knew what to do with the newly orphaned...
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    Eeny Weeny Bundle of Squalling Joy (cuteness warning)

    Those who are severely allergic to the cuteness of a very young kitten, please DO NOT scroll down! Meet the teeny bundle of fluff that is currently unsexed and unnamed. I like to think its a boy though, cos I'm really sexist He was passed onto the wildlife rescue team I volunteer and am...
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    Vibes needed for my Aunt

    My mother comes from a large family - in total, she has 10 siblings. Out of these 10 siblings, she has already lost one brother to cancer, and one sister to illness. A year ago, my third aunt discovered a tumour growing on her spine. She had been suffering from back pains, but put it off to...
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    Problem with arcade (8-ball champion)

    Hi there! I have a problem playing 8-ball champion in the Cat Games page. Wonder if anyone has the same problem... When I pull back the cue and let go, the cue should hit the white ball, which will then roll away in the correct direction. This game worked fine the first few times I played it...
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    Remember Chance?

    My handsome foster boy, Chance, is very happy with his new meowmy and she has just sent an email update! She says he's grown longer but not any fatter, but that could be because he jumps around and plays a lot I'm so happy they've found each other. I've said it before and I'll say it again -...
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    My car has lost its virginity

    I got into my first accident today, after driving for 5 years. Luckily it was a minor one. I was on a busy expressway stuck in the middle of a traffic jam. I needed to shift from the middle lane to the left lane. I spotted an opening in the traffic on the left lane and started moving left. I was...
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    How do No-Kill Shelters really work?

    Hi all, not sure if this topic is in the correct section of the forums. Mods, please feel free to move it if this is not in the right place. My question is, how do No-Kill shelters really work? What enables them to be no-kill? Do they screen all newbies for the cuteness factor and only take in...
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    Meet Noodle - yet another needy kitten

    Another needy kitten has walked into my life. Meet Noodle! He was found wandering outside my friend's apartment. Due to her landlord's foolish superstitious notions, my friend is unable to keep Noodle and sought my help to rehome him. Unfortunately, Noodle's health is a growing concern. The...
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    A Gentle Giant Named Puppy

    I'd like to ask for some prayers and good thoughts for a wonderful dog I met at the vet's yesterday night. Sunshine had fractured her leg and needed to be sent to the vet immediately. While we were there, 3-4 Indian men came in carrying a HUGE dog. He was a stray mutt, with huge rugged paws...