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  1. Holistic Cat Mama

    6 Mo old Kitten peeing in floor

    Cats are very picky some extremely. Many don't like scented litter and it's not good for them anyway so ALWAYS buy unscented! Some litter hurts their paws. Many don't like covered litter boxes. It's akin to us using a portapotty! This is because a Cats sense of smell is far greater than ours...
  2. Holistic Cat Mama

    UTI Concerns

    Both needs to be a avoided though
  3. Holistic Cat Mama

    UTI Concerns

    Unfortunately, unless the Vet went to college a few years longer than their peers to be a Holistic Veterinarian, they do not give the best advice or the best remedies! UTIs in cats and people are caused by the same thing. Dehydration. A properly hydrated cat will not get a UTI even under stress...
  4. Holistic Cat Mama

    show us your black and white cats

    I'm at a friend's right now and their cat had this beautiful little Tuxedo baby. It is related to my Gemma and her brother Mujin
  5. Holistic Cat Mama

    Help pregnant cat

    Aww congrats! Cats are pregnant for about 58-64 days. Around day 35e Belly will be visibly swollen, nipples will swell and turn pink by now if they haven’t already and you kitty maybe become more affectionate with humans, less tolerant of other pets. Around day 42—49 cats may show signs of...
  6. Holistic Cat Mama

    5 Week Old Kittens With Fleas

    I have an Adoption Application and if approved they have to sign a legal contract that the kittens will be spayed or neutered within 4 months and if they don't show proof they are in breach of contract giving me the right to take the cats back. I won't spay or neuter an 8-12 week old kitten...
  7. Holistic Cat Mama

    I really need help knowing my cats breed.

    Looking at her face she does look 1/2 Persian, either her Mother or Father was Persian.
  8. Holistic Cat Mama

    Black Dots

    Mites could look like small black dots and wax looks like coffee grounds. Of course I only use Holistic remedies. Here is my favorite: ½ an ounce of Almond Oil 400 IU’s of Vitamin E Eye dropper Small bowl Cotton balls Combine the Almond Oil and the vitamin E in a small bowl. Fill the eye...
  9. Holistic Cat Mama

    Is it bad to have two male kittens?

    As long as their neutered they'll be fine. My males are 4 and 5 now and get along great. They're not like dogs. But why do you have a 6 week old kitten? Did something happen to its mother?
  10. Holistic Cat Mama

    Kitten does not let other cat play!

    He is sad that he doesn't get your attention as much. Until you make some time for just him he will continue to be sad. I did the same thing to my poor adult cats. Now every evening, I put the kittens in the bathroom with some toys and water and I play with my adults and give them lots of love...
  11. Holistic Cat Mama

    Feline Herpes FVR

    It's soooo hard to find a good cat food with no bad or controversial Ingredients! After researching every cat food wet and dry and every single ingredient in those cat foods, then trying to find one that's good that I could afford made my head spin. Im serious researching all of this. Name a cat...
  12. Holistic Cat Mama

    3 month old kitten

    She looks just like the kitty I rescued! They are likely just cats but I like to say mine is Russian Blue. They look quite similar to me! Vaccinations though I disagree if the cat will be kept inside. (as it should) I have never vaccinated strictly indoor cats and kittens. The vaccinations are...
  13. Holistic Cat Mama

    My Feral And Rescued Cats

    That cat looks so regal. Beautiful.
  14. Holistic Cat Mama

    5 Week Old Kittens With Fleas

    Thank you! I wanted to get her spayed when I brought her home. Our local feral spay and neuter program and many others closed due to covid except for emergencies. Now appointments are 3 months away. I won't let her outside, I don't let any cats outside! I didn't know she was pregnant when I...
  15. Holistic Cat Mama

    Need a recommendation for an air purifier machine for cat odor

    OH ME TOO! I looked yesterday on Amazon but they were too expensive! I rescued some cats and kittens and have 14 in my apt right now! Pee yoooo!
  16. Holistic Cat Mama

    5 Week Old Kittens With Fleas

    Hi all! I rescued a stray Momma and her 3 approximately 3 month old kittens. After a month of socializing I adopted 2 out and the following day she had 5 more babies! Babies are now 5 weeks old. They aren't infested with fleas but have enough to bother them which bothers me. I treated Momma a...
  17. Holistic Cat Mama

    Is My Cat a Ragdoll or a Snowshoe?

    I have a Ragdoll and a Snowshoe! Pic one is my Flame Point Ragdoll and pic 2 is our Snowshoe!
  18. Holistic Cat Mama

    A battle with a rodent ulcer: how effective are allergy shots?

    This is my Mujin with the rodent ulcers. Treated for 5 days once a day with 5mg Zyrtec. He didn't get the Transfer Factor (see my last reply) until the 5th day but he was almost clear that day! Pic one was the day we started with Zyrtec. Pic two was 3 days later and pic 3 was 11 days after the...
  19. Holistic Cat Mama

    A battle with a rodent ulcer: how effective are allergy shots?

    Poo baby! My cat recently had that. Since I have found over the years that steroids and antibiotics seem to make my cats worse, I stay clear of Western medical Veterinarians (unless it's an emergency) and I treat and prevent holistically for any type of infection and every single cat has gotten...