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    Need vibes for little ZZ!!!

    When he's got his energy up, he'll feel better and his appetite will improve too. Its a virtuous cycle, now to find a food that he loves! Might be time to start on some yummy wet food so he gets his nutrients and fluids for a quick weight-gain programme!
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    Zeus and *Athena* at 6 Weeks

    They're precious... lots of that they will both go to awesome homes!
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    Keiran Kitty (momma's boy)

    Keiran is handsome, love the name too!
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    8 week old Lillith

    So Sweet~
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    What is wrong with my kitten?

    Your vet can't seem to make up his/her mind. They've had a look at the fluid and don't think it is FIP. Now they say it could be FIP if your cat doesn't respond. Sounds like a whole lot of bull. I second the opinion that you need a second opinion!!
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    Introducing Obi-Wan

    He looks adorable! I bet he's sad about his owner. Glad that you picked him up instead of leaving him for the SPCA
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    Some of my past/present Reptiles :)

    Miss Priss sounds like a real character, got a photo of her and Diamond? The Crested geckos are gorgeous, and Phoebe is the first patternless leopard I've ever heard of! One of the bearded babies looks like he's missing a tail, is this normal?
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    18 exotics..and 1 cat. *pic heavy*

    Amazing group you have there! how did you learn how to take care of such a wide range of exotics? And yes, I'd like to know what you feed them? I see crickets in the gecko tank. But I don't know much about caring for reptiles like your corns. Do share!
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    The babies are hatching! (ball pythons)

    Wow your nails are amazing! Are the adult pythons friendly to all humans, only to the ones they are familiar to or friendly to no one at all?
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    I know she's not a purebred, but...

    She looks like a Domestic Shorthair with lots of cute No idea why her face would have been smushy at 2 years of age though...
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    Lots of Binky, Itty Bitty & Imsadi pics

    I'd like to cuddle up with Binky, Imsadi and Itty Bitty look too regal for cuddles though. They look like Egyptian royalty, hardly the cuddly type
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    Jack the bed hogger!!

    Its the nicest feeling in the world to have a cat cuddled up to you the whole night
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    Tabbies anyone?

    I want them all!! Love how defined black cats' noses are... makes them look really cute
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    Zeus and Apollo - Almost 6 Weeks Old Now

    They're impossibly adorable! I hope they get to go to the same home, they seem really bonded. Tell the potential adopter that getting them both means they will play with each other to burn energy and entertain themselves when the humans aren't home, and learn stuff from each other that they...
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    "Really, though, I'm sure th...zzzzzzzzz"

    Hmm little kittens and pups do get tired real easily... maybe the owners recognized the sleepy look when they said "give it a minute"? I'd like to give benefit of doubt. Quite weird to think someone would drug their cat to get a cute photo..
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    Just a few recent..

    Ooo love the photo with the ferret! Do they really get along?
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    Tuxedo cat with bowtie

    She's beautiful! her bowtie really adds character
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    Gumby "Mama's girl"

    Hee hee I love that photo of her chattering at her toy! She's so lanky and sleek, gorgeous eyes too. Oh and a great set of teeth
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    Moose's "airplane" ears!

    My Wukong used to have airplane ears all the time. I never found out what they meant, but I'm guessing "you're annoying me" comes pretty close
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    Share your funny and memorable pictures of your cat!

    Everyone's photos really put a smile on my face. Loved the whole story of how Jake finally learnt how to interact with kitties too! Its so sweet he's got Molly now and they're both besotted with each other