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  1. bbdoll22


    Last night around 11 pm our beloved Slinky of almost 16 years crossed the bridge. She died in our bed under the covers because she was cold with me holding her. Slinky lovey your free now. I’m sure you are with your sisters running around and feeling like a youngster again. We will always love...
  2. bbdoll22

    Boy or girl help

    Can anyone help me sex this kitten. Pictures are blurry but this is all I have
  3. bbdoll22

    Cat toothpaste recommendations

    I’m trying to find a safe non toxic cat toothpaste. I see many have sorbitol which is not good for cats. Does anyone have a recommendation please?
  4. bbdoll22

    In search of:

    I’m in search of somewhere to buy this cat shaped bubble bath. Any color will do. Not Pinterest please.
  5. bbdoll22

    Lentil soup.

    I used to eat Progesso lentil soup 3 times weekly. They recently changed the recipe and it’s unpalatable to me. Does anyone have a lentil soup recipe that is really close to Progesso’s? Their main ingredients were: Lentils Water ( stock is fine with me ) Celery Tomato paste ( scant amount)...
  6. bbdoll22


    Tomorrow our family goes to meet these littles. They are 6 week old bottle babies that my rescue friend has. If all goes well tomorrow night they will be in their forever home here with us. Being they are so young we would foster until they can be spayed and neutered and then the adoption would...
  7. bbdoll22

    All purpose flour

    Does any one know if you can make bread in a bread machine using AP flour. If so please include recipe. Because stores are wiped out all I could get was AP flour not bread flour.
  8. bbdoll22

    Recipe Please.

    I’m in search of a great beef stroganoff recipe. I don’t like the recipes that call for ground beef I prefer chunks of beef. Please and thank you.
  9. bbdoll22

    Holidays Suck

    Ive never been raised that holidays are about gifts and money. I grew up in a lower income family. Holidays were about family. Being with them, laughing and telling funny stories and reminiscing both good and sad. I grew up with great memories of holidays. Now I’m 48 and I have dreaded the...
  10. bbdoll22

    Homemade Bread Question

    I am making bread for thanksgiving dinner. If I make it the day before and seal in a ziplock bag will it still be nice and fresh the next day? If it makes a difference I use a bread machine.
  11. bbdoll22

    Not Again

    I posted in August about losing my bottle baby of ten years old. Now my senior lady of 27 days shy of 16 years old is going downhill fast. She has been ill with many issues the past year. I am sure she has “sundown syndrome” on top of her medical problems. I’m calling a vet that does house...
  12. bbdoll22

    Crazy Day

    today I met actor David Arquette and actress Jennifer Esposito. It was exciting. I have photos of us. I can’t release many more details but will after Monday if anyone is interested. They were both very down to earth and friendly!
  13. bbdoll22

    Feeling Old

    today is my birthday 48 years old! My sister asked if I felt older and I said no just another day. But then this afternoon my resident puker if a kitty did her thing. I bent down to clean it and oh man my knee popped. Ouch. I’m currently soaking in Epsom salt bath. I guess I do feel older. And...
  14. bbdoll22

    Diddles Da Bug

    i can’t even bring myself to write about her. But she’s gone in heaven and I’m heartbroken. I miss you Diddles Momma loves you
  15. bbdoll22

    Diddles Da Bug

    im not ready for crossing the bridge yet. Today I said goodbye until I see you in heaven to my bottle baby Little Miss aka Dee Bug, Diddles, Da Bug. She was 10 years and 3ish months old. Not sure exactly how old as her feral mom got hit in the road. We were aware she had kittens but she moved...
  16. bbdoll22

    Cat Up Tree

    There is a cat (not mine) that is stuck in my tree. He wasn't there Saturday before I went to bed but he was up there Easter morning. He's up about 20 feet high and my husband tried to get him with a big ladder but he hissed and growled and snapped at him and moved so my husband couldn't...
  17. bbdoll22


    Are there any other gerbil owners?
  18. bbdoll22

    invasion of the lady bugs

    There are about 30 Ladybugs on my patio umbrella and the outside of house next to it!
  19. bbdoll22

    Ugh prolly TMI.

    I started having kids late in life. I'm 46 with a 4 and 6 year old and I'm going through menopause. God give me cold air and patience. And coffee and chocolate and wine lol. Best of all a remote that works on kids and husbands 128541
  20. bbdoll22

    Neutered or intact male?

    This guy has been coming for grub and loveys and let's me handle him. By looking at pictures can anyone tell me if he seems neutered? I cannot keep him as he has no interest in coming in as he's afraid of my kids.