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  1. kittypa

    Today we said goodbye to our old girl Checkers

    She was a great kitty. 19 years, she had a good run although a lot of problems the last few years. She had heaps of spirit. Godspeed baby girl.
  2. kittypa

    Meet my new little friend

    James is a brown tabby so I call him James Brown or JB. This is his story JB is a stray who showed up a few weeks ago. In the morning I put food out for him in a shady spot and I noticed he just stayed there. All day, then all night. He was shy at first, running away when I brought food out...
  3. kittypa

    C19 virus. What are the protocols for your veterinarian visits ?

    I guess I should start by saying I’m in Los Angeles county with about ten million other people. I have an appointment coming up Friday and I’m not happy about the way they’re doing it. I am instructed to park, call them, and someone will come out and gets my cat and take him inside. I stay in my...
  4. kittypa

    Does anyone here know if you can give Capstar to an opossum?

    They bring a LOT of fleas into the yard. I have one who comes around at night. I was thinking of leaving a “treat” by the water bowl for him.
  5. kittypa

    Feline Photobombs

    Bootsy is putting a photobomb on Peko here. Post some feline photobombs.
  6. kittypa

    Look What Showed Up This Afternoon

    Stray kitten. Female. Sweet. I have no idea where she came from. :ohwell:
  7. kittypa

    Just Hangin’ Out

    Post some good old fashioned “just hangin’ out” pics. :cool2:
  8. kittypa

    Oh Dear, I Brought Him In...

    I don’t know what to do. This poor guy has been sitting out in the rain all night. I think Mama Kitty harassed him and drove him from the front porch where he has stayed since he showed up last summer. This pic is before the hard rain started. There are three outdoor strays and ferals. Osker...
  9. kittypa

    This Is A Flea/possum Nightmare And I'm Beside Myself

    Where to even start... over the summer we had a fleafestation from hell. I also had a new cat show up who didn't get along with the two cats I was already caring for. It was a horrible time. I ended up having the yard sprayed by a professional a couple times and things got better. I TNR'd two of...
  10. kittypa

    Is It Possible For A Neutered Cat...

    to look like this ? :confused2:
  11. kittypa

    What To Do With A Bully ? What Would You Do ?

    I have a question for all of you who care for feral or community cats. I'm not very experienced at this. I have been caring for three homeless neighborhood cats. Two (Mama Kitty and Black Kitty) have been here for two years, the third (Gray Kitty) fairly recent. The third is the problem. He is...
  12. kittypa

    I Need To Find A Home For This Guy

    We’re going to Facebook with him but I don’t know what else to do. Suggestions are appreciated. Anyways, here’s the guy. Last week he was TNR’d and the following. All documented. Neutered Treated for fleas and worms Rabies vaccination Tested FelV/FIV negative Neighborhood stray I’m...
  13. kittypa

    Can You Treat Your Yard For Fleas ?

    I have a horrible flea problem in my yard this year. Like nothing I have ever seen. I have 3 community cats that hang around my place and they’re being eaten alive. One was TNR’d last week and treated while he was there. The other male will get the same as soon as I can trap him. That leaves...
  14. kittypa

    I Am So Frustrated. All I Want To Do Is Tnr Two Cats...

    and it's almost impossible here. None of the vets in the area have any interest in helping. I have the trap, I'll pay... :confused2: :frustrated:
  15. kittypa

    My Old Girl With Kidney Disease...

    has decided that she is tired of being poked every night and taken to the vet. It’s really becoming a chore, and it saddens me that she is hiding when she would usually be demanding lap time. I don’t think there is an answer here, more like choices. I could be wrong or just wrong headed...
  16. kittypa

    I’m Getting Two Different Takeover Ads Now

    These are they :ohwell:
  17. kittypa

    Today I Learned My Ould Girl Checkers...

    has stage II kidney disease. She is 16 years old. Monday I will learn to give her sub q fluids and she’ll start a special diet. Anyone here have experience with this ? :redheartpump:
  18. kittypa

    Annoying Amazon Ad

    When I visit thecatsite via my iPhone there is an Amazon ad that takes over. I’m forced to leave the site and close safari. That’s the only way I can get rid of it. It’s very annoying especially if I’m in the middle of posting something. I reckon there’s something I can do, I just don’t know...
  19. kittypa

    One Year Ago Today I Found These Two Tiny Kittens

    I didn't plan on keeping them, but... you know... :dunno: :hearthrob: :redheartpump: Bootsy :redheartpump: Peko :hearthrob:
  20. kittypa

    Friends, Little Figgy Is A Year Old Now

    As close as we can tell anyways. For those of you who weren't around, she was a feral kitten. She was found in the engine compartment of my wife's car. She escaped and spent the day hiding under a used oil tank at the local Jiffy Lube. The employees there helped us trap her. We took her to the...