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  1. TardisDance

    Kitten food question - aka the search continues

    Have you tried any probiotics? I don’t have a kitten, but I adopted a 1.5 year old boy that is super sensitive to wet food. He had giardia in the beginning but even after treating, he still would get occasional diarrhea. I’ve found probiotics have helped a ton and he gets diarrhea so much...
  2. TardisDance

    Cat Probiotics

    I use Fera Pet Organics Probiotics. It seems to have no flavor and my cats don’t notice it in their food at all.
  3. TardisDance

    4 Month Old Kitten Boogie

    @FlyAwayBirdie yes, certainly wet is better, but if dry is all they are willing to eat, then it's better than starving the kitten. Ultimately, the best food is what your cat is willing to eat. There are low carb dry foods out there, i.e. I feed my cats Dr. Elsey's. It sounds like the adult...
  4. TardisDance

    4 Month Old Kitten Boogie

    I’ve heard the exact opposite in that it’s best to free feed kittens until at least 1 years old since they need a ton of calories to grow and develop. Have you tried Fancy Feast pates?
  5. TardisDance

    Tiny tiger canned cat food?

    My picky girl cat seem to like their pate a bit more than Fancy Feast. She prefers dry food more than anything so it’s huge for her (she only eats an ounce of wet food at a time). It’s a bit softer and the fish in the ingredients probably helps. I always add a few teaspoons of water to help...
  6. TardisDance

    cat giving off an "attack me!!!" vibe?!?

    I’m on month 3 with cat introductions and my 4 (almost 5) year old female, Sango, is just starting to accept my almost 2 year old male, Kirby. I adopted Kirby in late September and he was a PITA and would non-stop pounce on Sango and/or aggressively groom her, i.e. lick her neck hard and...
  7. TardisDance

    New Cat growls at People/Animals Outside

    Cat tax. So hard to take his growls seriously lol
  8. TardisDance

    New Cat growls at People/Animals Outside

    @neely, interesting! I did not think of that but it makes sense. He actually growled when he saw the mail truck once as well. My older female cat used to get scared and would run away when she saw someone by the window outside. She’s okay now with people or wildlife outside near her.
  9. TardisDance

    New Cat growls at People/Animals Outside

    I adopted a second cat at the end of September. I noticed that if my husband or guests are outside the window he is sitting at, he will start growling. He also does this when there are deer outside. If my husband or the guests are inside, he is perfectly normal and very friendly boy. Has...
  10. TardisDance

    Possible food allergy

    My male cat had giardia too when I adopted him at 1.5 years old and I suspect he may have had it most of his life (he was originally a TNR only in a foster home for 1 month). He was on liquid metronidazole for about 10 days and while his poops were less greasy and foul smelling, he still had...
  11. TardisDance

    Fancy Feast Problems

    My cats weren’t too thrilled about the liver and chicken pate either and I ended up putting in a Churu as a topper. I bought a 30 pack of the poultry and beef collection (turkey, chicken & beef, and liver & chicken) on the 17th. I know I gave one from the box before with no issue.
  12. TardisDance

    Tubby kitties

    Following this. I adopted a cat that was originally a TNR from a feral colony and he eats a ton of food. He eats 2 cans of Fancy Feast Classics plus a 1/2 cup of American Journey dry right now. He has a bit of starving cat syndrome. I tried to put him on Dr. Elsey’s (what my resident cat...
  13. TardisDance

    Alternatives to FF Gravy Lovers?

    My female cat is the same way; however, she came to me a hoarder rescue with dental issues and I think developed a strong preference toward dry food. Have you tried the Weruva Stews? She loved those for a while. Also the Friskies Lil Soups. She hated the Tiny Tiger Extra Gravy food; it was...
  14. TardisDance

    Looking for heavy kick toys

    My young male cat is really enthusiastic with biting and kicking and this toy has lasted so far: There are pinholes from the biting but it hasn’t ripped so far. I’ve had it for about a month now. The material is sort of like denim.
  15. TardisDance

    Is Anyone Else Struggling to Get Enough Catfood with the Current Supply Shortages we are Encountering?

    @Whenallhellbreakslose Some veterinary offices do have food banks too if you haven’t tried that yet. My own vet has a partnership with Purina to obtain food from monetary donations (I’m guessing Purina charges a lower rate this way?).
  16. TardisDance

    And so it begins... new kitty comes home and her highness is not amused

    The food issue thing sounds a lot like my new cat Kirby that I adopted in late September- He eats 2 cans of Fancy Feast pate a day plus a 1/2 cup of dry food - around 400 calories a day! When I first adopted him, he would suck down wet food in less than a minute and eat all his dry food at...
  17. TardisDance

    Young Cat Continually Pounces on Resident Cat

    Since I haven’t updated in a while, things are getting much better. The main issue now is that whenever Kirby enters the living room, Sango continually pounces him over and over again. Since the cats aren’t allowed in the bedroom (Sango is only allowed on occasion, never at night, the door is...
  18. TardisDance

    Is Anyone Else Struggling to Get Enough Catfood with the Current Supply Shortages we are Encountering?

    @Whenallhellbreakslose I may try Mittens Morsels at some point. I have a fussy female cat that hates most wet foods. She was a hoarder rescue and came to us with rotted teeth and just loves dry food for the most part. I also have a male cat that was a TNR from a feral colony that will inhale...
  19. TardisDance

    Tiny Tiger + Fancy Feast at Chewy's

    I ordered during the Black Friday sale and was shocked that the order didn’t come from PA (I’m in NY) as it normally does. Part of the order came from Indiana and another from Kentucky. I had ordered Tiny Tiger and American Journey as well as litter box supplies (I was upgrading my new cat’s...
  20. TardisDance

    Dr Elsey's Clean Protein Chicken- Shortage

    @kbstarfish I feel the same, but the options are so limited for dry food with no animal meal. And then I hear the argument too that pure animal meat doesn’t even amount to much as dry food ingredients once all the water is taken out. So who knows?