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    Upcoming vet visit with my semi feral

    Hi all, my semi feral girl has really been making good progress lately. She even feels comfortable enough to take over the bed in my front window which happens to be all the cats favorite. Unfortunately she seems to have an eye infection and I have made a vet appointment for Tuesday. I know...
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    Looking for guidance on wet food

    Hi all, I had been feeding my cat wellness canned wet food all along which worked out fine, however last year I adopted 3 more cats. Wellness is costly at about 50 dollars per case. I haven't been able to find a dry food they'll really eat to supplement the cans. I plan on continuing to feed...
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    Advice needed on making my semi feral girl more comfortable

    Hi all, I have been working with my semi feral girl attempting to make her more comfortable with me and petting. I have had some success sitting on the floor with her during feeding time putting my fist next to her food. At first if she touched me accidentally at all she would hiss and run. Now...
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    Trying to get my semiferal girl comfortable with petting

    Hi all, I am trying to get my semi feral girl used to being touched if possible. I have read how that can deepen their bond to you but I also don't want to cross any boundaries and set her back. She has made progress since I've had her. She will play with me, eat in front of me, she no longer...
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    Need advice about my semi feral girl!

    Hi all, I need some advice! Last fall a cat that I had seen in my yard a couple of times ended up bringing her babies to hang out in my backyard. Prior to the babies being there, she would come maybe within a foot of me and take treats and eat. She never let me pet her nor would she take treats...
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    Looking for guidance on what to do with my feral

    Hi all, thank you in advance for any help you can provide. There was a cat in my neighborhood who I had seen on numerous occasions. I'm not sure whether she'd be considered stray vs. feral. She would never let me touch her, but I would put treats down and she would come within a foot or so of me...