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    Disinfecting after Panleukopenia?

    This is really helpful, thanks so much @di and bob! I would love to foster again eventually, it has just been a bit traumatic. I had fostered a few adult cats before when living alone in a flat, then moved into a house with my fiancé in June and he agreed we could foster again. Ended up with...
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    Cats diarrhoea not going away

    Did they test your cats' faeces and are they vaccinated about panleukopenia (FPV)? I ask because these are symptoms of the virus - my foster cat has it and is now in specialist isolation unit back at the charity she comes from, along with her kittens. The virus cannot be treated but supportive...
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    Disinfecting after Panleukopenia?

    I am seeking some advice regarding disinfecting room/house/clothes after cats infected with panleukopenia have been living there. It's an extremely sad situation but I have been fostering a stray cat for about 6 weeks and she had 6 kittens around 3 weeks ago. Sadly they contracted...