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  1. bodester413

    What Was Your Cat's First Word?

    The first thing I remember Bodhi responding to was more of a sentence. Every morning when I woke up I would ask him....Are you doing ok dude?....and he would look at me and think for a second and meow......mmmmyaaa.
  2. bodester413

    What Kind Of Car....?

    I took the drivers test in a 1975 Buick Regal. The hood was the size of a basketball court. I failed...............really I passed the second time though.
  3. bodester413

    What's The Weather And Temperature Like Where You Live?? - 2019

    Its a soupy dew point of 72 and the temp is 85.
  4. bodester413

    Titan Short For Titanium

    Welcome to the forum. Titan is cute and it sounds like he's got some cattitude. That name is perfect. I used to love when my cat did the Halloween cat running sideways move.....It was hilarious. lol
  5. bodester413

    Name For A Catio Business?

    Kitty cribs, Cat pads...
  6. bodester413

    Noises Your Cats Are Afraid Of

    Bodhi doesn't like the coffee grinder. Sometimes he freaks when I use the vacuum cleaner. He'll leave the room I'm cleaning. He's ok with storms and thunder and lightening. He's ok with outside loud noises for the most part. He doesn't like when dishes are banged around in the sink either.
  7. bodester413

    Question Of The Day, Wednesday, June 5, 2019

    I would have played the role of The Dude in The Big Lebowski for free.
  8. bodester413

    Thread Devoted To Sharing Your Favorite Albums And Songs - 2019

    They had some good songs. I used to use this one when I made easy listening mixes to listen to in the car.
  9. bodester413

    Why Are My Brand New Towels Turning Blue?

    That's weird. Maybe something in the water? It looks like the towel only turned blue where it got wet from drying your face.
  10. bodester413

    Question Of The Day - Monday, May 13, 2019

    The oldest thing I have is some pieces of fossilized coral and a chunk of fossilized sponge( I think its sponge)......Not sure how old it would be though. It's kind of mind blowing to think that Wisconsin had coral reefs millions of years ago.
  11. bodester413

    Need Advice On Smartphone Photography Of Cats?

    I prefer portrait shots too. I've had the best luck taking photos of Bodhi an hour or two before sunset or an hour or two after sunrise. It seems like the angle of the sunlight during those times gives everything more contrast and makes things look more dramatic. Eyes look brighter etc. I use...
  12. bodester413

    How Old Are You?

    I remember when I was 11-12 years old I read someplace that people did that and I thought hmmm.......interesting....possibly mind altering?.....must investigate..... At first I though ok I'll ask mom if she ever tried it, but nixed that idea after thinking about it because mom was nosy and would...
  13. bodester413

    Brushes ??

    I use one called Kong cat zoom groom brush. It's got little rubber finger things on it. My cat tolerates that better than any of the others I've tried.
  14. bodester413

    Romance Movies

  15. bodester413

    My Son Came Home

    Oh wow that would be fun. It looks like it goes through some breathtaking scenery. I always thought it would be great to do something like that. I'm sure it would kick your butt physically, but it would be cool when you reached the end and you could look back and say you did it.
  16. bodester413

    It's The Law

    I love shows like this. I wish I had Netflix. This sounds cool.
  17. bodester413

    Question Of The Day - Thursday 18 April

    I locked myself out of my house once. It was winter so all the windows I could normally pry up were locked to keep the cold air out. I ended up having to break one of the little windows in my back door mudroom area. I've locked myself out of my car a few times too. Eventually I figured out you...
  18. bodester413

    Question Of The Day - Tuesday, April 16

    When I was a kid I was all about those orange Circus Peanut things and chocolate bunnies. Now I'm more likely to buy some peanut M&Ms or peanut butter cups.