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  1. Jimpro3

    Comment by 'Jimpro3' in article 'Do Cats Like To Be Petted?'

    All three of my boys love to be petted by anyone and everyone. They seek out loving from all humans. Daniel and Boone (brothers) are especially cuddly and love to be petted for as long as you want. Spencer on the other hand loves to be petted, but has a very short tolerance for it. You can...
  2. Jimpro3

    Has Anyone Tried Smalls, "gently Cooked Cat Food?"

    One more note about Smalls; their customer service is unique and excellent. I can text them anytime and always get a quick response. When I was trying to figure out how to get Daniel and Boone to eat the Smalls food, they gave me some good ideas for incorporating it with their old food, and...
  3. Jimpro3

    Has Anyone Tried Smalls, "gently Cooked Cat Food?"

    My 3 boys love Smalls! I have been researching cat food for quite a while since one of my babies had crystals in his urinary track that completely blocked him from being able to urinate. I didn't realize that it could be associated with the food I was feeding them. I always fed them both dry...