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    Found a bunch of these on my cat's fur, anyone know what they are? Checked his skin and didn't find

    It doesn't look like a living thing but is still eerie. We don't have house plants except for a small orchid which he has no access to. We have another cat but didn't fine this thing on him.
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    Gardening help needed: removing lilies for cats

    Hello,  We've just moved into a new house and realized the whole area of lilies ( abt 150 sqf )  in our garden are fatal to cats (we have 2 very lovely kitties). The previous home owners have had them for years, they are beautiful flowers and it's sad that we have to get rid of them....the...
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    Bad diarrhea, please help!

    We've brought home a new kitten a week ago, since then my 10-month old resident kitten Mushe has been stressed. The symptom was mainly the lower activity level until yesterday he vomited twice and had very bad diarrhea. We then stopped feeding him for a couple of hours then started giving him...
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    Neutering Surgery - Opinions Needed

    Hi Gang - My 10-month male maine coon cat Mushe is not neutered yet for a reason - a vet once 'guestimated' that he might have heart issue and that might influence the anesthesia to be used. The guestimate was due to some skin-twitching symptom and my inital fear that maine coons are more prone...
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    New and Resident Kittens + Neutering

    Hi Gang -  I have questions regarding two things: 1) relationship between my two kittens - one 12-week (Mylo) and the other 10-month (Mushe), both are male, maine coon. 2) Mushe's neutering surgery.  1) I brought home Mylo 3 days ago, even though the breeder told me I didn't need to segregate...
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    Cat w/ Heart Issue - Need Help w/ Identifying the Disease

    Hello folks, I'm posting this for someone's 9-month female kitty with heart issues, potentially HCM.  The problem is that this cat is currently in China and the owner can't find any animal hospital with ultrasound capability in her city. Therefore even if there are some clear symptoms (as...
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    On Cat Vomiting and Diarrhea - My Experience

    In the past couple of weeks my cat Mushe has been struggling with 2 problems - vomiting and diarrhea/lose stool. They did not quite happened at the same time, but considering 9 times of vomiting in 10 days, it was still very stressful.  For vomiting , my vet gave 2 recommendations that really...
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    Always hard to find an absolutely safe brand anyone?

    My kitten is 5 month old and following many people's suggestion, I've been committed to feeding him wet food. He still has certain portion of dry food in his diet only because he needs to have access to food whenever he feels hungry. To offset any negative impact, I feed him reputable brands...
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    Kitten Diarrhea Due to Fish (from Wellness Core Canned)?

    Kitten had diarrhea for the first time in the past 3 months. I suspect it's the Wellness Core Salmon Whitefish and Herring canned  food I offered him last night, which he ate about 40% of a 6 oz can mixed with the chicken and turkey formula that he has been having all the time. It's the first...
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    Cat grass in the kitten's stomach for two weeks?

    Previously I have posted a thread on my kittens's vomiting symptom - he vomited 6 times in the past two weeks and well, now seven times and twice today... The interesting thing I found is one tiny piece of cat grass in his vomit. You might think that was the reason for all his vomiting but...
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    kitten vomited 6 times in two weeks, help needed!

    My 4.5 month kitten has been vomiting six times in the past two weeks, first started after we gave him some cat grass and had some hairball out. We thought that was normal plus at that time he was transitioning back to wellness canned food, so he might also have some issue with the adjustment...