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  1. DeBaby

    Cat relocation

    Hello my fellow cst lovers, My cat recently had kittens and I don't know where to begin in finding them homes. I thought selling them would be a good idea, but I feel even if people brought there's a chance the kitten would still be mistreated. Where is the best place to find a good home for...
  2. DeBaby

    Aggressive Mother Cat

    My cat had kittens while I was out. I came home and somehow a kitten got separated from the litter, and stuck in an area of the house. I moved my cat to another room so I could safely remove the kitten. I put the kitten in the room with the other kittens, and moved my cat back. My cat started...
  3. DeBaby

    Last Straw

    I'm at the end of the rope with my cat. For the last two months my cat has been pissing all over my house at random times. This past week alone she has pissed on my floor for three consecutive days. My cat... -has been to the vet -no changes to litter brand -litterbox is clean I don't know...