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  1. tyleete

    Good for IBD?

    I was trying to stay away from bird, as my vet's partner told me if your cat has allergies to chicken, chances are it well be all poultry.
  2. tyleete

    Cat food for ckd

    Thank you! My vet said I had to keep low phosphorous & magnesium due to keeping their (2) urinary oh levels low.:)
  3. tyleete

    Cat food for ckd

    Which are the binders? There's so many it's really getting hard to keep track of which to look out for.:/
  4. tyleete

    Good for IBD?

    Hello all! So I've been trying to research all I can to help my baby. She's IBD with the possibility of it turning to lymphoma Cancer. I had NO clue that food allergies could possibly be the cause of IBD! So I'm hoping against hope that if I change up her animal protein, maybe her tummy &...
  5. tyleete

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, January 11

    Easy. I adopted this beautiful baby (10yrs young) almost 8yrs ago from the shelter. What she did for me? Was allowed me to love her and love me back in return. I recently lost her, but an honored to have had her in my life.💗
  6. tyleete

    Allergies or URI?

    I have had 2 cats in need of allergy pills. One had seasonal allergies and was on Zyrtec, 5mg once daily. It stopped her from begging so congested and sneezing and runny nose. My other had a weird thing with her ears, did that she's always itching or scratching them. Vet said it allergies so...
  7. tyleete

    Which Smiley Describes How You Are Feeling Today? 2022

    Well, they paid the last time. Even though it was about 2mo after.😄 I never all for money though. I grew up a military brat and you just do thingslike that for your neighbor. Course, I hadn't planned on going more them twice a day. And next time I need to speak up that 3-4x in a single day...
  8. tyleete

    Help diesel won't let me sleep

    Some cats do NOT respect the sanctity of a good night's sleep.😄 As for the why? My cats get upset looking out the windows, depending on what kind of animals are out there. They chitter at squirrels and birds. Growl at bears & any people coming up. And stare quietly at the deer. So I'd say...
  9. tyleete

    What's on your Mind Thread - 2022

    Once you find 2 or 3 places that sell the foods your cats eat, you stock up for about 1-2 months. It's quite expensive, but in the past we had the same problem you speak of. We go through: Chewy, PetsMart, & Wal-Mart. Much like tp after that crisis, we now keep lots of extra in case of...
  10. tyleete

    What's on your Mind Thread - 2022

    Oh my gosh,Yes please & thank you! 😂 I've tried reading articles and all three info gets your eyes glazing over after a while. Truth be told, I could start a shop up right now. I have enough to put up, I mostly do cards. Problem is 2 things. 1-I'm afraid I'll go from people praising me and...
  11. tyleete

    Coffee and Tea Talk - 2022

    I did not support companies that tell people it's not ok & you should feel guilty for being whatever color skin you were born in. I don't care what color this is done against, it's racist & I condone such ignorant behavior. Coke did that & Pepsi doesn't. So they get my $ now.💗
  12. tyleete

    Name Three Things - 2022

    Art, cooking, & taking care of my cats. If I'm going to set a thing of What's to come for 2022, think I might take a nap!😂
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    What's For Dinner? - 2022

    Herb roasted chicken with potatoes
  14. tyleete

    What Should You Be Doing Instead Of Being On TCS - 2022

    Art!😄 I've got 2 pieces I need to finish.
  15. tyleete

    The Positive Thread - 2022

    I saw a great sale on ammo at 2A Warehouse.😁 300 5.56 plus an ammo can for $150. I don't have much money, but that's 50 cents a bullet. Gotta take that one. And no, I'm not a hunter. Just big on self preservation.😄 My dad used to design weapons for the gov't and shared his love for...
  16. tyleete

    Just need a little help

    Happy New Year mum! That's what he's telling you. I can't advise anything other than a very appt, cause all my cats are indoor for that sort of reason. Too many dangers out there. If you absolutely cannot get him to the vet, you need someone to hold him down so you can get a proper...
  17. tyleete

    Coffee and Tea Talk - 2022

    I start every morning lately with Pepsi. Migraines. Fun! Used to be long things Coke cola fan, but that ended last year
  18. tyleete

    What's on your Mind Thread - 2022

    Did you start one on people's resolutions yet?😄 So let's see... I'm piddling time away because I have to some watercolor for cards I design; and my husband is still sleeping. I'm a distance away, but don't want to wake him all the same. He watches dumb shows.😥 By the way, put on Fatman for...
  19. tyleete

    What are you listening to right now? 2022

    Is he starting it his resolution strong?😄 I'm listening to my son playing GT. I hate that game, but he's 26. In a minute I'm going to drown him out with one of my favorite albums. Lizzy Borden - Visual Lies.:)
  20. tyleete

    What's The Weather And Temperature Like Where You Live?? 2022

    You are so lucky. It's raining here at the moment & mid 50's. Which is exactly what I love.