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    Applying flea ointment to 2 cats now instead of 1

    Hi, I was just wondering what ya'll thought on this. I've been giving Aria flea ointment Revolution for several months and it works great and she doesn't mind it at all. Now that I have Tiki, I am going to give him the same. Aria likes to groom Tiki with her tongue, on his head and all around...
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    Kitties like to "cover" their food

    Hi, I thought this was funny behavior and wanted to share. I feed Aria on a washable little carpet, and she would grab the corner of the carpet and cover her wet food dish if she didn't finish all of it. She doesn't do it with the dry food bowl, just the wet food. I started giving her a sheet of...
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    New kitty

    Hi, I'm new to this site, it's such a fun site I'm glad I found it. Here is a picture of our girl Aria. She was abandoned in our carport and we took her in, about 3 months ago, we took her to the vet and spayed etc and she's happy and healthy now. She was around 4 mos then so probably around 8...