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  1. MANDT303

    ♡please help♡ Introducing Bengal kitten to a 2 yr old Bengal..having problems..need advice

    So we adopted 2 female sisters about 2 years ago from a breeder. So sadly we lost one of them this past July, she hung herself in our tree with her leash. It was very tragic and heartbreaking, without going too much more into that, long story short. Our kitten "Mishka" started suffering what we...
  2. MANDT303

    Mishka & Kioki

    Our 2 little Bengal kittens were so close, their relationship was so special. We adopted them together from a breeder and we lost Kioki this past July. She chased a squirrel into a tree and fell and got tangled up in her leash and hung herself, she was 17 months old.