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  1. mizzely

    Healthiest (or favorite) Dry food

    I like Dr. Elsey's but my cat doesn't :( She does like Epigen 90 though.
  2. mizzely

    Need help finding dry cat food.

    Most have potatoes or peas because they need a binder. Ones you could look into though are Wysong Epigen 90 and Young Again Zero. I personally don't dislike meals because it's essentially the meat without moisture. The whole animal weighs more, meaning chicken meal vs chicken per weight...
  3. mizzely

    Cat Food Deals Forum?

    I wish I had pet stores closer. Petsmart is 45 minutes, Petco and Pet Supplies Plus is 90 :( We basically just have Walmart and Tractor Supply in town, and the only foods that my cat likes from those are Sheba, which is too expensive for every day feeding!
  4. mizzely

    Cat Food Deals Forum?

    I just picked up a few cans of friskies myself to see if Lydia is done with her "strike". Otherwise I guess I'll be loading up on Tiny Tiger as I think that's the cheapest thing she eats :ohwell:
  5. mizzely

    how to switch to a food you know your cat will like?

    If I can't get individual cans from the pet shop, I order from Chewy. They refund my money if my cat doesn't like something.
  6. mizzely

    Adding water to wet food

    Mine is the opposite and won't eat it out of the can without extra moisture lol
  7. mizzely

    Adding water to wet food

    Every meal :)
  8. mizzely

    For those of you that feed wet, low carb/high protein: Share your current rotation!

    Sheba Pate Tiny Tiger Pate American Journey Pate Nature's Variety Instinct Weruva Slide N Serve Soulistic Hydrating Pate I think that's all right now! :lol:
  9. mizzely

    I need a good water fountain!

    I have, and it hasn't budged, which is why I believe it is more etching than hard water.
  10. mizzely

    I need a good water fountain!

    I've gone through 2 Catits in the past and won't buy them anymore. Both died on me within a year. I have a Drinkwell Platinum now that I've been using about 5 years. It's plastic and doesn't get slimy, however it does have some etching or hard water marks on the pool area now that make me...
  11. mizzely

    Do You Have A Favorite Cat Color?

    Tortoiseshell for me!
  12. mizzely

    Has Anyone Gotten a Case of Tiny Tiger Recently?

    Yeah I don't blame you at all!
  13. mizzely

    Has Anyone Gotten a Case of Tiny Tiger Recently?

    I just got a new case of Turkey Pate 2 weeks ago, haven't had any issues! I hope your babes are okay!
  14. mizzely

    Cats suddenly dislike their food

    My cat won't eat the same food more than twice a week lol. I have to keep a rotation of several brands and flavors or she will put her nose up! So yes, definitely a possibility!
  15. mizzely

    How much do you spend on wet cat food?

    I spend roughly $40 a month on cat food for my 9 lb 10 year old. I just buy on sale a lot!
  16. mizzely

    Healthiest wet food that I can buy from walmart or grocery store?

    My picky kitty does too! She actually won't eat Fancy Feast anymore since my other cat passed away last year, but she loves Tiny Tiger!
  17. mizzely

    The age old debate about letting your cat out

    Absolutely spot on. My neighbor has a cat that comes and poops in my yard and kids' sandbox, and sprays on my porch, and scratches the posts ( I rent!). Drives my indoor cats (and me!) crazy. For me, everyone I've seen personally in real life with indoor/outdoor cats has had issues with losing...
  18. mizzely

    Healthiest wet food that I can buy from walmart or grocery store?

    From Walmart, my choices would be Fancy Feast Pate or Sheba. But, even those can get spendy and Friskies Pate would be my next choice :) Tiny Tiger on is currently my favorite budget food and they refund you if your cat doesn't like it.
  19. mizzely

    Finicky Eater - Help!

    When Jasmine died, Lydia went off all her favorite foods too. She wouldn't touch anything that Jasmine and her used to share. I would walk down the aisles of the store grabbing every texture, flavor, and brand combination I could. She also became food obsessed after being nonchalant her whole...
  20. mizzely

    Best budget friendly sensitive cat food

    When Jasmine was sick and throwing up meals, we tried Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Stomach dry with Friskies Pate. Solved the issue for us almost completely! Sometimes it's just a matter of trying everything :( However, if you are switching foods often, that itself may be the problem. Do slow...