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  1. Rhall

    Herpes Virus question?

    Good Morning, My Ollie is about 13 months old. He had the herpes viral infection as a kitten and I understand he will always have this. I give him lysine daily. We are experiencing a flare up I guess. He is sneezing a lot and his eyes are a bit runny. I don't see any yellow or green discharge...
  2. Rhall

    Cool Signatures With The Cat Pics?

    Would someone be kind enough to direct me to where I can make a cool signature with a collage of my cats in it. I've seen really neat ones, but have no idea how to make one!
  3. Rhall

    Automated Pet Feeder

    We are usually home to feed the kitties, but we may be away over night and I'm thinking this will be a good thing to have when we are not at home. There are definitely more expensive ones, but this one has good reviews.
  4. Rhall

    Things Your Cats Love To Play With That Cost Nothing

    Watching my cats play today under a blanket got me thinking (especially when I think about all I've paid for toys etc) what do your cats love to play with that costs no money? Mine: Under a blanket Any purse, shopping bag, backpack on the floor Shoe laces in shoes Gift bag especially with...
  5. Rhall

    Best Wet Food Economically?

    So I now have 3 cats to feed. I prefer to feed them wet food 2x daily with a bit of dry. I've been trying to find the best food at the best price in a larger can. I have been feeding fancy feast (small cans so I need 1.5 per feeding) and some blue buffalo. My pet store often puts food on sale as...
  6. Rhall

    Introductions? One At A Time?

    is it best to introduce my new kitten to both my other cats at the same time or one at a time? There doesn’t seem to be a clear answer on this.
  7. Rhall

    Today My New Baby Arrives!

    My third rescue kitten is arriving today. I have 2 others that came at different times (now 11 & 9 months), so I have read lots about keeping them separated, site swapping, feeding on opposite sides of the door etc. and have some experience with this. I know to go as fast as my slowest cat. I...
  8. Rhall

    Name Help For My New Boy!

    We are rescuing this little guy and he should be old enough to come to us in about a week or so! What should we name him! My dd like Georgie but I think I need to see his personality first. I have an Ellie and an Oliver (Ollie already).
  9. Rhall

    Large Cat Trees - Revisited

    Hi all, I have a small cat tree that was perfect when my two were kittens but now they are almost full grown and we are adding a third shortly. I was rereading this thread: Recommendations for cat trees for LARGE cats? and got some great ideas. I really like this one: Redwood My cats love...
  10. Rhall

    Introduction To New Kitten

    I've been reading a lot and actually did the recommendations when introducing my kitten #1 now 9 months to kitten #2 now 7 months. It did take a bit of time but they are now best of friends. I am thinking of adopting a third kitten and what I haven't read about is when you have 2 you are...
  11. Rhall

    Question About Feline Leukemia Vaccine

    I am contemplating rescuing a 3rd kitten. My other two have been tested and vaccinated. Would they be immune now if by chance this one was infected?
  12. Rhall

    3 Cats Too Many?

    I have 7 and 9 month old kittens who are now well bonded and my daughter just sent me the cutest kitten up for adoption. Still a baby - about 8 weeks. Is three too many? Am I going to rock the boat? Too much of a good thing with two that get along? Give me your honest thoughts!
  13. Rhall

    9 And 7 Month Old Kittens.

    I normally feed my kittens a 3 oz can of canned meat in the morning with 1/2 cup dry and the same in the evening (they share that amount). It appears they may be gaining a bit too much weight, so my question is - would you give the same amount of meat and cut back on the dry? Or vice versa. I...
  14. Rhall

    Cat Enclosures?

    As the warmer weather approaches here in Canada, I have been giving thought to bringing my kitties outside in a safe environment as we spend a lot of time in the summer in our backyard/pool area. I started to research them and the different styles. It seems when I search bunny hutches I find...
  15. Rhall

    Teenage Behaviour?

    I have a 6 month spayed female and a 4 month old male unneutered (to be done in the near future). They were introduced beginning of February, there was an adjustment period and were doing well. The past few days, my girl doesn't seem to want much to do with him. She has been sleeping a lot, but...
  16. Rhall

    Thoughts On Kitten Eye Infection

    When I got my Ollie third week of January, he was quite sick at approx 9-10 weeks with a respiratory virus. He was put on antibiotics and given eye ointment the following week by my vet (he was a rescue) for a left eye infection. I have used the ointment, but it seemed over time the infection...
  17. Rhall

    Location Of Litter Boxes?

    I have 2 kittens - 5 months and 11 weeks. The younger kitten was sick when I rescued him and was isolated in a bedroom. He has now integrated with the older and I now have one litter box with Cat Attract litter in the family room which he uses. I have 2 boxes in the basement for the older cat...
  18. Rhall

    When Introducing Cats..

    What should my response be to my cat's behaviour to the new addition. I have a 5 month old and a 9 wk old. The 5 month old is doing a lot of hissing and growling. I'm trying to let it play out a bit as long as the little one is safe. Should I not behave different to my older one, just remove her...
  19. Rhall

    5 Month Old Meeting New Kitten

    I have posted previously and read all the material provided. Today is the day - as my new kitten was sick and needed to be kept secluded from the older. So - they have been able to smell each other for 1.5 weeks. I had the younger in a crate for 15 minutes letting my older kitty sniff around...
  20. Rhall

    Royal Canin Kitten Spay Formula?

    Hi all, My female kitty was just spayed Wed and I had noticed Royal Canin had a spay formula? What is the difference? I do have new male kitten and would like to use the same food. I was just going to continue with the regular unless there is some reason I should change and buy for my female...