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  1. Ardina

    Rabbit Bones

    So this prey-model-raw thing is going pretty well - Saipha and Mishka have been devouring their chunks of chicken and beef and are even eating liver and lamb kidneys without complaining much. A couple of weeks ago, I decided it was time to add another protein and luckily managed to find a...
  2. Ardina

    Prey Model Raw

    Hi all, it's been a while. For about a year, I fed my cats homemade raw - hare today chubs balanced to 80/10/10 with supplements. Around March or so, time constraints and circumstances made it difficult, so I switched to radcat. Now that radcat shut down, Saipha and Mishka are reluctantly...
  3. Ardina

    How To Do A Sanitary Trim/grooming Advice?

    Hi everyone, Mishka is my first longhaired cat, so I'm a bit lost in terms of grooming. I've tried to get her acclimated to brushing, but she only tolerates a few strokes alongside her cheeks before running away. She doesn't really let me brush anywhere else, and the static shocks aren't...
  4. Ardina

    Breed Lookalike?

    Hi everyone, I've been curious about what potential breeds Mishka has. Or if she's a lookalike to anything in particular. She's also grown a lot faster than my other cat Saipha - she's nearly 10 lbs at not quite 8 months old. Also, would she be considered a domestic longhair or mediumhair...
  5. Ardina

    Harness Training

    Hello all! I've been working on harness training Mishka, my 7 month old kitten. I've tried two types - the Kitty Holster, which freaked her out and she spent all her time walking backwards trying to get out of it, and the Come With Me Kitty harness, which she's adjusted to really well. She now...
  6. Ardina

    Afraid Of Strangers

    My cat Saipha has always been afraid of strangers. She's the sweetest cat when it comes to people she knows, but will run and hide under the bed if she doesn't recognize them. For the last two years, this wasn't much of a problem because visitors are rare and I lived on a second floor apartment...
  7. Ardina

    Gaining Too Much Weight On Raw

    I'd posted a while ago when I first started transitioning my cats to raw about my concerns regarding how much my cat Saipha was eating. I realized that she liked the raw so much that she would happily eat 8+ oz of raw each day. After a few weeks, that tapered off to 6-6.5 oz. I started weighing...
  8. Ardina

    Kitten Uri

    I recently adopted a 12-week-old kitten named Mishka. I've noticed her sneezing a lot and licking her nose over the past few days. The droplets that she sneezes are clear. I haven't seen much discharge from her nose or eyes. She's eating, peeing, and pooping well and running around as usual...
  9. Ardina

    Kitten Not Eating Finely Ground Bone

    I have a 8-week-old kitten who loves the raw food I make her. I use ground-in bone mixes from Hare-Today with additional boneless ground + organs to get to a 80/10/10 ratio. The issue is that the kitten ends up leaving around half of the finely ground bone pieces (<2 mm) behind. I've watched her...
  10. Ardina

    Socializing 8-week-old Foster Kitten

    I'm fostering this adorable little foster kitten named Tabitha (Foster Kitten Tabitha). While she isn't feral by any means - she meows for attention, willingly climbs onto laps, and purrs like crazy - she is a little afraid of hands. That may be due to a history of abuse; the poor little thing...
  11. Ardina

    Foster Kitten Tabitha

    Of course my own cat is the prettiest cat (I might be a little biased), but even I have to admit that my 6-week-old foster kitten Tabitha might be the most adorable!
  12. Ardina

    New To Raw - I'm So Confused

    I'm thinking about feeding my cat raw, but I have so many questions. But first, some backstory: Saipha is just about 2 years old. When I first adopted her as a kitten, she only ate dry food. At some point, I stumbled across Dr. Pierson's website and started trying to transition her to wet food...
  13. Ardina

    Landlords And Declawing

    I thought I'd post my experience with landlords and declawing in case this helps anyone. I'm about to move apartments and had all but signed the lease when my new landlord sent me the pet rules, which stated that declawing was mandatory. I sent a polite email back explaining that my cat...
  14. Ardina

    Hi everyone!

    I've been a longtime lurker on this site and have learned so much. I thought it was about time that I joined and introduced myself :) I have a sweet, adventurous 2-year-old tabby named Saipha who loves playing fetch with hair ties, galloping around the house chasing balls, and exploring high...