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  1. jefferd18

    Our dumpster kitty

    That is the thing- we don't know what kind of cat will turn up at a dumpster I stated earlier that I found two purebred Siamese kittens this last summer at the local dumpster, one was a seal point, and the other was a flame point. If only they could talk. :)
  2. jefferd18

    Bringing the Gift of Breathing To a Beautiful Ragdoll

    What a miracle. Thank you for helping her.
  3. jefferd18

    Our dumpster kitty

    Oh, I am so sorry. She probably bolted out a door when her owners were either leaving or coming in. :( Your guy is a true survivor and very lucky to have met you.
  4. jefferd18

    Our dumpster kitty

    You would be surprise at what kind of cat one can find at a dumpster. I just found two purebred Siamese kittens myself last summer at a dumpster.
  5. jefferd18

    Our dumpster kitty

    Well, he grew into those size 13 shoes , didn't he? What a unique kitty.
  6. jefferd18

    Our dumpster kitty

    OMG!- he is one big boy. What a stunning looking cat! Are you sure he doesn't have some bobcat in him? :) I know he is not the run of the mill tabby kitty.
  7. jefferd18

    My brother needs serious help with his new cat.

    "Cheer at the game, walk loud" Yep, that ought to do it. Because if there is anything that cats love the most- its noise.
  8. jefferd18

    Fever care until I can see a vet?

    This is the part that is very frustrating- when the OP vanishes and we are left guessing. .Prayers to her little buddy.
  9. jefferd18

    Cat Pooping everywhere in the house...

    Have you brought this up to the people, or shelter. that you adopted him from to see if they experienced the same problem? They would be in the best position to know this cat's history and they could also give you some suggestions.
  10. jefferd18

    Fever care until I can see a vet?

    I am going to say this- please take him to a vet- now. His temperature is reaching critical heights, to the point of brain damage, and he needs a shot of penicillin.
  11. jefferd18

    I'm new to this...

    Congratulations! I am so happy for both of you. Bowie's world is only going to get better from this moment on. He is a cool looking cat and I am glad that he is going to become a permanent member of your family. You will be happily surprised at the change of behavior once he is neutered. Right...
  12. jefferd18

    My brother needs serious help with his new cat.

    Right now your brother's cat is close to becoming a cat's cat. He needs to separate the two by putting the Bengal in a room all to itself. Then he needs to work on reintroducing himself. I would start by bringing in food and water every day, at the same time, and then turning around to leave...
  13. jefferd18

    What breed does this cat resemble?

    Thank you for taking her in,, but if you put her back out on the street she will most likely get sick, again, hurt, or killed. It is hard to tell what she is mixed with without knowing a little bit more about her background.
  14. jefferd18

    Is my cat a hybrid?

    What a pretty girl! At tabby/tortie! I love her expression in that one photo. Without knowing more about her background it would be hard to tell what is in her ancestry..
  15. jefferd18

    Please come home Einstein!

    Thank you! I will pass along those tips to her. I just keep thinking that there is something that we are missing. I wish I lived near her, I would be out searching the grounds for him. We cat people always have each other's back.
  16. jefferd18

    Adopted a new cat and need help please

    This is a very sad conclusion that you have arrived at, and frankly, a flawed one in my view. Please let me elaborate more: Casimir wanting to get out of small room is in no way an indication that he doesn't want to be with you, in fact, quite the contrary, as he probably would been much...
  17. jefferd18

    Please come home Einstein!

    I think she has posted photos of him around her area, and she had gotten to know her neighbors quite well because of this but I am wondering if she staked out a place on her property and put out food and water there at the same time every night, if that too would be constructive. It could be...
  18. jefferd18

    How would you describe my cats?

    I am sure that like Hemingway's beloved polydactyl cats, they are decedents from an earlier time.
  19. jefferd18

    What breed is my Bun-Bun?

    That is just his tough tom guy look. :)