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  1. thegreystalker

    Proposed Law To Prohibit De-clawing

    The New Jersey proposal awaits the Governor's approval, or rejection. A similar law is under discussion in New York State. Some people remove their cats' claws. One state may soon call that animal cruelty.
  2. thegreystalker

    Rescued Cat Attacks The Family Cat

    Co-worker's children took in a wandering cat whom kept coming to the backyard for food. The kitten seemed tame enough, as though it had been socialized or just naturally good natured. Well, after some time in a covered shelter in the yard, they brought the kitten inside the house. It was...
  3. thegreystalker

    Purina Buys Merrick; 18 Months Later

    Purina purchased rival pet food maker Merrick in the summer of 2015.  Have any of you Merrick customers noticed any changes in the formulas or changes in your cat's attitude regarding the taste of Merrick, good or ill?  The only Merrick product we have experimented with is Whole Earth Farms Duck...
  4. thegreystalker

    Quail for Dinner?

    Has anyone tried the new quail recipe from Purina Beyond? "Quail, chicken, liver, fish, quail and chicken broth, carrots, egg product, guar gum, potassium chloride, taurine, choline chloride, salt, mono and dicalcium phosphate, thiamine mononitrate, Vitamin E supplement, zinc sulfate, ferrous...
  5. thegreystalker

    Exotic Cat Can Open Doors and the Refrigerator

    I never heard of African servals before.  This guy is impressive.
  6. thegreystalker

    Alligator and Bison

    I had an interesting conversation with a relative about cat food.  We were talking about protein for cats and she said that to maintain variety in her cat's meats and to ward off allergies, she feeds her cat kibble made from Alligator and from Bison.  And the kibble is for dogs!!!  To make sure...
  7. thegreystalker

    It's Time for Transparency in Pet Food

    I will start a new thread about cat food ingredient sourcing because the other thread that was recently re-started is a bit old. I think it's time cat owners politely petition pet food manufacturers to verify the source of their ingredients, i.e. the muscle meat they include in their recipes...
  8. thegreystalker

    Great Sale on Newman's Own

    Often I buy snack food and basics like paper towels at Dollar Tree.  They carry a minuscule amount of cat food; almost always Purina recipes.  To my great surprise today I noticed the Newman's Own brand organics on the shelves.  I thought that the stock must be stale.  Nope, the expiration date...
  9. thegreystalker

    Your Success (or Lack Thereof) with Nutro Dry

    I see that Mars Inc. has re-formulated the Indoor Adult Formula for it's Nutro chicken dry recipe.  No Corn-No Wheat-No Soy, but there is potato and pea protein, neither of which is a deal-breaker for me. My cat enjoys Sheba, a wet Mars Inc. brand, so I am tempted to try the new chicken formula...
  10. thegreystalker

    Update on 'Newman's Own' Brand Cat Food?

    I notice that it's been quite a while since this company was discussed on TCS.  I see that the great majority of those old posts offered a negative appraisal, most declaring "the cat won't eat it!' Has anyone tried it lately?  I see that some of the varieties say "Second Generation" on the...
  11. thegreystalker

    Pet Insurance Company Fined by the Insurance Commissioner

    From what I read it seems like this outfit was generally sloppy in its business operations.  And continuing to charge pet owners for policies AFTER the death of the insured pet reeks of the crooked conduct by life insurance companies that the TV show '60 Minutes' reported on earlier this year...
  12. thegreystalker

    Attitude of Rescue Staff Discourages Adoption

    My recent visit to the local municipal Rescue Center to consider adopting a second cat left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. The recent experience was completely different from my first visit earlier this year, when I ultimately came home with a kitten whom has been a joy from day 1.  I went...
  13. thegreystalker

    Bring a Second Cat into a One-Bedroom Apartment?

    Things have worked out very well since I adopted my gal and brought her home 5 months ago.  However, I do feel that my 11-month old kitten is very bored while I am away at work all day.  I want to adopt a male kitten companion for my gal, but my college-commuter kid doesn't like the idea of a...
  14. thegreystalker

    Garlic in Cat Food! What on Earth...?

    I am always trying to broaden the choice of products in our house.  We have kibble from Evolve in the cupboard so I thought I would investigate the wet food recipes from the same company.  Imagine my surprise to learn that both the Chicken and the Turkey formulas include GARLIC POWDER!  I...
  15. thegreystalker

    Discloration at the Corners of the Eyes

    A possible companion for my kitten has gotten my attention.  He is a male British Shorthair presently at a local rescue shelter.  I have viewed only his photographs thus far but I would like advice before I decide whether or not to make the trip to visit him (my own cat was sheltered at another...
  16. thegreystalker

    2016 Reboot: Your Preferred Kitty Litter and Method of Disposal

    I saw that the prior thread was rather old, so I thought I would start a new round of comments and add my contribution. I'm a new cat owner, therefore I have thus far tried three different brands of litter.  A couple of major brands and the local supermarket brand.  All worked fine and my gal...
  17. thegreystalker

    Venison from Natural Balance and Sardine & Shrimp from Natural Value

    We going to "test drive" a couple of new flavors for dinner this week;  Natural Balance Venison and Natural Value Sardine & Shrimp.  I was attracted by the fact that the primary ingredients in both formulas are animal protein. Anyone have any first-hand experience with these two formulas?
  18. thegreystalker

    Two week anniversary :-)

    Today is my 14th day as a first time cat owner, having brought home Gracie from the rescue center.  She is a grey short-hair about 7 months old.  Sweet-natured, affectionate, always climbing atop me like I was a statute of Lincoln, LOL. My biggest challenge thus far, I think, was food.  Had no...