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  1. KittyFriday

    Does your cat sleep with you?

    He does; he didn't when I first brought him home but started after a few months. Now he'll yell at me when it's time to go to bed :lol:. He tends to start out laying on my chest but will eventually move to just laying next to me.
  2. KittyFriday

    Those who feed wet (or wet and dry): how much of a can do you give for a meal?

    Thank you all! He's a fast eater with his dry food so I'm going to get him a slow feed bowl for that. I'd like to transition him to primarily eating wet - I don't think we can do exclusively wet as my parents watch him when I leave town on occasion and I think that might be too complicated for...
  3. KittyFriday

    Those who feed wet (or wet and dry): how much of a can do you give for a meal?

    Friday is approximately 10 years old and about 11 lbs. According to the vet he could lose a pound but he's not obese, just a little chunky. He was raised on dry food and I've been working wet into his diet. Our issue is that I started out giving him half a can and he wouldn't finish it, so it...
  4. KittyFriday

    [Serious] Why do people who spend lots of time with cats often go crazy?

    You can get toxoplasmosis from raw meat too. And it is usually asymptomatic. Most people who get infected don't even know they've been infected. To be 100% honest I feel totally sane with my cat. It's my dog that is driving me to crazy town.
  5. KittyFriday

    Single household cats

    My cat is an ex-farm cat, so he lived life with a handful of other cats outdoors (and in the barn at night). He slept all day. Usually on top of hay bales in the sun. Now that he's an indoor-only cat, he still sleeps all day. Mostly in my bed, though he likes his tall cat tree and his new...
  6. KittyFriday

    Cat likes to sleep on top of me?

    Thanks all! It is very comforting for me too - I've said now I think I'd enjoy a weighted blanket since I do like the weight of the cat on me :) I just feel bad when I have to move.
  7. KittyFriday

    Cat likes to sleep on top of me?

    I'm just curious if anyone else has a cat that likes to do this. When I go to bed at night, Friday will come and get into bed with me but then he wants to lay on top of me. Usually it's my chest - he'll climb up and knead the blanket for awhile standing up and then lay down. What's funny is that...
  8. KittyFriday

    Anyone else watch "The Office"?

    I love The Office! We used to watch it when it was on TV as new episodes and now I watch it frequently on Netflix as well. It never gets old, and it (and Parks and Rec) are my go-tos when I'm doing something else or not feeling well because I don't have to pay attention since I've seen it so...
  9. KittyFriday

    Let me see your Old Men

    My Friday! He was born at my parents farm but I’m not sure on the exact year, however, he’s at least 10.
  10. KittyFriday

    Let me see your Old Men

    My Friday! He was born at my parents farm but I’m not sure on the exact year, however, he’s at least 10.
  11. KittyFriday

    Need ideas for window seating

    After some back and forth with my dad we decided on rope shelves- and as you can see, Friday is very happy with them!
  12. KittyFriday

    I'm just about done.

    Not to be gross, but sometimes you just can't help some things. It's very possible he just can't get to the litterbox in time. I agree that trying a novel protein food, preferably one that has very limited ingredients, would be best. Try to cut out as much as possible to see if you can get...
  13. KittyFriday

    Creating a signature?

    Awesome, just what I was looking for! Thanks!
  14. KittyFriday

    Sweet cat with redirected aggression, please help: euthanasia may be the only option.

    Bless you for working so hard for this baby. As @shadowsrescue said, there is a definite side effect window of about 6-8 weeks for Prozac, so try not to get discouraged. If you've been able to get any of the medication in her that might explain some of the odd behaviors you've seen recently...
  15. KittyFriday

    Creating a signature?

    Thanks, I still don't see the signature link and when I click the link in the tutorial it says I don't have permission to view this page. So perhaps I do need to have a certain status before I can have a signature?
  16. KittyFriday

    Creating a signature?

    Hi everyone, I apologize if this has been asked before but I searched and wasn't able to find an answer. Do you have to be a member of a certain ranking or for a certain number of days to get a signature option? I've looked through various how-tos on the site and for whatever reason just can't...
  17. KittyFriday

    What Are Your Cats Doing Right Now?

    I'm sure Friday is sleeping right now - no doubt exhausted from running around the living room and waking me up at 5:30 this morning :dizzycat:
  18. KittyFriday

    Thoughts on barn cats

    Well, it probably depends largely on the cat, but if you asked my boy (who has known both lives) he would 100% prefer to be indoors, hunting the dangling balls on his cat tree and taking naps in my bed. Even when he goes to my parents' house he scoffs at the open door.
  19. KittyFriday

    landlord cat declaw rant

    I've had mixed experiences renting with a cat. I had one woman who wasn't concerned about declawing, but was nervous about the litter box and the possibility of cat pee. Less so that she thought my cat would scent everywhere, and more so that she was afraid of stuff being tracked or spilled out...
  20. KittyFriday

    Thoughts on barn cats

    That's accurate, I'm certain. My parents' barn cats have always been well loved and cared for, so are very tame. The ones they have now love people and I'm sure would eventually adapt to the indoors but it would be a process. My parents are also not especially keen on indoor cats + those cats do...