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  1. Molly and Abby

    Abby Urinates When Visiting Vet - How Can I Reassure Her?

    I adopted Abby from Furry Friends Rescue 18 months ago. She's now 4 years old & a wonderful, wonderful, happy cat. Always happy. She loves humans (other cats, not so much). I sing to her a little rhyme - Abby Dabby the happy tabby from Cincinnati - because she's so good natured. But 6 weeks...
  2. Molly and Abby

    Why Does My Cat Help Me "make My Bed"?

    I have had Molly most of her life (I adopted her when she was 9 months old from Purrfect Cat Rescue). She's 7 years old now. But it never fails - she always "helps" me make my bed. And I don't know why. She seems to know when the clean sheets come out of of dryer & hightails it to the bedroom...
  3. Molly and Abby

    My Cat Is Sick & I Am Worried & Frustrated

    Molly has impacted anal glands - so when she was going in & out of the Litter box 2 weeks ago, I thought that was the problem. So they vet expressed her anal glands. And she kept going in & out of the Litter box. I called my vet, begging them to stay open because this in-and-out of Litter box...