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  1. catsknowme

    They Escaped From The Smoke & Flames, But Now........

    :gaah:April's Rescue has had a devastating loss! April & her teen kids managed to get everyone out safely - but their home is gone. That includes all the rescue supplies: crates, blankets, cat beds, kitten bottles and formula, supplements, oh, even the Miracle Nipples (we really struggled to...
  2. catsknowme

    House Fire, Missing Cats, Bad Weather on the way

    Hey, fellow rescuers! Seeking advice/suggestions for a fellow member who is reaching out to a lady whose house burned down. Of her 5 cats, 2 were located deceased, 2 escaped from firefighters' arms and 1 is missing. Although the house is a loss, the detached garage and a shed are still standing...
  3. catsknowme

    Cat Alerts Owner - 12 People Saved Years ago, my Manx cat Joey did the same for me. Cats have often alerted their owners!
  4. catsknowme

    Beware! Of Paul Zhang - Serial Cat Killer

    :argh::livid: Paul Zhang tells rescue groups that he is taking cats to his sanctuary but he euthanizes them instead, for what ungodly, sick, twisted reason is beyond my understanding. Once caught, he relocates - most recently caught in Florida! Those poor kitties...those poor rescuers who sent...
  5. catsknowme

    Cat Lost In Ky Found - Media Seeks Mi Owner. Help Spread The Word!

    :angrycat: Backstory: The owner's contact information was accidentally thrown away :argh: The cat, who escaped in July, was found and rescued after the owner gave up contacting the travel center. Here's the FB link: Someone out there has to know of a Michigan cat owner whose cat escaped...
  6. catsknowme

    50 Kitties Killed In Shelter In Lancaster Ca...suggestions Needed

    :argh: NOOOO!!! :bawling2: Fifty (50) cats were euthanized just this past week. Even before the homeless crisis, cats have been underserved in the northern Los Angeles county area. The shelter in Lancaster, CA has too few rescue groups. I am already struggling to get a cat-specific rescue...
  7. catsknowme

    After The 29 Cat Massacre, Al Cats Shipped To Oh

    :thumbsup: Two very determined dogs broke out of their pen and into the cats' pens, slaughtering 29 cornered kitties. The survivors have been taken in by an Ohio SPCA :cheerleader::clap: 30 cats that survived pit bull attack at Alabama shelter taken to Ohio
  8. catsknowme

    Little Gray Feral...under The Tree Of Heaven

    oh,no...not another :headshake: Yesterday, I found a little gray feral at the supermarket colony, deceased in the grass. It was born March/April. No obvious cause. I couldn't bear to leave it for Animal Control to take to the county dump....I don't know why. In our area, the Tree of Heaven...
  9. catsknowme

    Selsun Blue For Fleas On Kittens

    Hissy (of suggests using ORIGINAL formula Selsun Blue to kill and wash fleas off of kittens, rather than using blue Dawn soap which immobilizes but doesn't kill. If you try this, please let me know how it works out. Our area is virtually flealess - not that I'm complaining.
  10. catsknowme

    Selsun Blue For Fleas On Kittens

    Hissy (of suggests using ORIGINAL formula Selsun Blue to kill and wash fleas off of kittens, rather than using blue Dawn soap which immobilizes but doesn't kill. If you try this, please let me know how it works out. Our area is virtually flealess - not that I'm complaining.
  11. catsknowme

    Tips Needed!! Adoption At Risk Of Failing

    :frustrated: The kitten Gracie is about 11 weeks old. She was pulled from her feral colony at about 3 weeks old, weaned and litter box trained by an experienced foster then transferred with her 2 other siblings to my friend who officially adopted the siblings and kept Gracie for tha past 7+...
  12. catsknowme

    How To Shelter Strays In Hurricane Country?? Barry Is Coming

    :help: I am trying to help a friend figure out how to best shelter 2 abandoned cats in MS. One is tame but skittish; the other one is a bit of a bully, possibly feral. Storm Barry is fast approaching and the cats need an outside shelter. The lady has a carport attached to the house but that...
  13. catsknowme

    California 6.4 Earthquake This area of San Bernardino County is where my father oversaw much of the earthquake retrofitting of the roads and bridges. The epicenter was near Trona, about an hour below death valley. That is about 11 miles from the China Lake Naval...
  14. catsknowme

    Urgent! Critically Starved Kitten Having Seizures!!

    :help: Kitten X (aka Tim, if he makes it) is an emaciated 8 week old kitten who is having both mild and grand mal seizures. He gets severe seizures when I give him straight kmr; moderate ones after goatmilk/kmr blend; he sometimes has mild ones when I wake him up. I tried homemade glop made...
  15. catsknowme

    100 (yes, One Hundred) Cats At Risk Of Euth In Ga

    :help: It's Tift County (again) but it seems the current shelter manager is really trying to help the cats - accepting higher numbers, giving medical care, etc. How awesome it would be if the cats and kittens could get rescued and prove those efforts worthwhile! and equally awesome if there...
  16. catsknowme

    Zyrtec For Cats?

    My vet has suggested using OTC cetirizine for my Maine Coon's crusty scabs rather than try using corticosteroids. Dose would be 5mg every 24 hours. The brand name for the drug is the allergy medication "Zyrtec". It sounds like a great plan but I am always interested in others' experiences, good...
  17. catsknowme

    4 Day Old Neonate In Crisis - Pooping Formula Just As Soon As Eaten

    :help: This problem is a first for me! As the title says, this tiny neonate has been pooping her formula. This started about 3 hours ago. I am going to switch her to Pedialyte and karo syrup until I can speak to the vet - her checkup is not until 4:30 p.m. as the vet is solo this week because...
  18. catsknowme

    Foster Pet Parents Can Deduct Fostering Expenses If...

    they are fostering for a recognized charity or shelter!! :yess: If You Foster a Cat Or a Dog In California, You Can Now Claim it On Your Taxes
  19. catsknowme

    Goodbye Sweet, Blind Troy - Can You See Rainbows Now?

    Good food; romps with foster kittens in the front lawn; chasing & catching teaser toys dragged in the grass; head scritches...these were some of Troy's favorite joys in his too short life of 4 years. Poor Troy was blind and had the floppy, bouncy walk typical of Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH)...
  20. catsknowme

    Please - One Of Our Own (hissy) Needs Our Help

    :help: Oh no....Hissy needs our help!! Poor Hissy! While many of us know of Hissy's help that she has given countless cats, kittens and their guardians whether here at TCS, in her personal rescue work and via her website,, many others weren't able to because Hissy has...