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  1. TobiDaDog

    Just how bad is a fishy diet really?

    My sweet Reese has gotten pickier and pickier over the past year. She's gone from eating everything on her plate and begging for more as a kitten to turning her nose up to just about everything I give her. Nothing lasts longer than a few bites. She isn't even tempted by 'people food' like turkey...
  2. TobiDaDog

    Life Hacks With Cats

    What makes life with your cats easier? Share your kitty life hacks! Ingenious, clever, or just plain silly. I'll start: When your grumpy, stubborn senior kitty scarfs other cats' food, put a big 'scary' furball in front of the door and tell him to stay there. Grumpy kitty won't pass his mortal...
  3. TobiDaDog

    Someone Has Their Grumpy Pants On

    Show your cats being grouches! Poor Reese. She adores Sir, but in the last year or so he's decided to turn into a crotchety old man. (Can you blame him? He's at least 13 now.) When she was tiny, he would play and romp with her, but he's all done with that now. She still tries her best though...
  4. TobiDaDog

    There's A Lot Going On In My Backyard Today!

    I just have to share because it was too crazy. This morning I went to let my puppy Tyke outside to potty. While he was in a pee squat, I noticed one of the neighborhood strays (Reese's 'boyfriend', Romeo) sneaking through my backyard with a MOUSE clamped in his jaws. He froze stock still with...
  5. TobiDaDog

    Reese Has A Boyfriend...

    About a month ago a cute little grey tabby showed up in my backyard. He didn't seem to have a home, so I set to work trying to trap him. I couldn't figure out what was so appealing about MY yard. You only get fed there if you like birdseed! I never could catch him. He's too clever to spring the...
  6. TobiDaDog

    It's Official..puppy Incoming! a few months anyway. Probably late August. As some of you know, my 6 year old collie mix, Sydney, has had some serious depression and health issues for nearly a year now. She has had a litany of tests done, ranging from blood tests to steroid trials to cancer screenings. The vets have...
  7. TobiDaDog

    Who Dares Disturb My Slumber?!

    We've got some construction going on outside and it woke Reese up from her nap. Here's her goofy 'what the heck' face. (her eye is fine, she just has a a little musclular damage from her infection when she was a stray. When she is tired it droops) Share your not napping anymore kitties!
  8. TobiDaDog

    No Food Is Good Food--or, The Cat That Won't Eat Anything

    Once again I'm in need of advice! My Reese has suddenly decided that she's not interested in eating. She's never been picky, but also never extremely food motivated. Dinner time is dinner time and but it doesn't excite her like it does some other cats (especially Sir, he's generally dreaming of...
  9. TobiDaDog

    When Does A Long Haired Cat's Fur Quit Developing And Thickening?

    For a long time, Reese's fur was longish, but not thick. It almost seemed like she didn't have a double coat. Now at a year old, her fur has begun to thicken more and more and she is showing an obvious double coat. And it's getting longer too, which surprises me. When does a cat's adult coat...
  10. TobiDaDog

    Catching Ferals Without Catching My Next Door Neighbors' Cats!

    Yep, I'm in a bit of a pickle with this one! A trio of young, unneutered tomcats have somehow found their way into my neighborhood and have been terrorizing all the neighborhood cats and peeing on everything. They are all identical and appear to be brothers. One of them is VERY friendly and will...
  11. TobiDaDog

    Tooth Extraction Cost And How To Ease Pain Until The Time Comes

    My senior cat Sir (11-12ish?) has been a bit on the grouchy side lately. Now this...this is unusual. My family jokes that he 'had way too much catnip in his youth' because he's extremely laid back. Nothing phases him. Nothing. I once found my 1 year old niece sitting on his head, squishing him...
  12. TobiDaDog

    Obsessive Food Behaviors/constant Begging

    I can't take it anymore! (Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but it's pretty annoying) I've had my cats on a scheduled diet since August of last year. They get fed twice a day, about 250 calories/6-7 oz of wet food. In the beginning Sir had a VERY hard time adjusting to the diet, even though I...
  13. TobiDaDog

    Cheeky, Cheeky!!

    I put tin foil on the counters in an effort to train her to quit jumping on them. SOMEONE put that toucan up there and Reese swears it wasn't her.
  14. TobiDaDog

    Weird Cats

    Post your cats doing weird things! Reese...Reese likes to be vacuumed. It started when she was a kitten. She was never afraid of the vacuum at all and even tried to pounce on it and bat at it. One day she wouldn't move when I was vacuuming her cat tree so I ran the hose over her fur instead of...
  15. TobiDaDog

    Anyone Else Had Problems With Fresh Step? Looking To Change Litter...

    I'm looking for a change. I've always loved Fresh Step for its tight clumps and ease of clean up. No after poop odors, and cheap on Chewy too! But something's changed recently. Instead of getting a single big bag, they started sending me my 40 lbs of litter in 10 lb bags in a case of 4. Since...
  16. TobiDaDog

    Stray Cat Spraying All Over House

    I got up at 4 A.M. this morning for work and there was a young, unneutered tom hanging around outside. He's skittish but friendly once he realizes that you're no harm and he looks very, very healthy. I plastered his picture all over the internet today, Facebook and such, trying to find who he...
  17. TobiDaDog

    Catio Causing Hissy Fits After Being Shut For The Winter

    This last fall I had a small outdoor enclosure built for my two. At the time Reese was just a kitten, but Sir was so good about sharing the space with her. Come winter we had to shut it up to keep the cold from coming in. Now the weather is warming so I opened the window today and showed it to...
  18. TobiDaDog

    They Said I Couldn't Teach A Kitten Dog Tricks

    I accepted that challenge! Here's Reese being a smartypants:
  19. TobiDaDog

    Why I Only Have Pictures Of One Of My Cats

    I can't get this grumpy old man to look at me for anything. Even if I annoy him. He is a master of ignoring. You win this round, grouch. But I will get a picture of that face. I swear it!
  20. TobiDaDog

    Litter-robot And Other Automatic Litter Boxes

    Do any of you guys use a litter robot or anything else? I was thinking about getting one, but also a bit on the fence considering that the cats get an urge to dig to china once in a while. I don't think the function would work very well if the litter is just stuck to the sides, but I don't know...