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  1. catsknowme

    Hair loss by tailbone (7-8cm long!)

    Does your cat have fleas? A reaction to flea bites can resemble what I have seen. We don't have fleas in our area, thankfully.
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    Awesome Cats...but They Are Ruining My House

    You mention a dog bed - do you have a dog? Have you tried videotaping the interactions between the pets, especially when you are not home? This situation will require some intense detective work.
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    Hair loss by tailbone (7-8cm long!)

    Sometimes my feral toms get "stud tail" which requires antibiotics to clear it up. I understand your dilemma about transportation and payments. You could try asking the vet's office to see if they have any suggestions as to how you might be able to help your cat - your kitty is indeed blessed to...
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    Intro Update - 10 month mark

    It sounds much more harmonious now. The pictures are adorable - thank you for the update!
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    Foster Questions

    Thank you for posting this thread! What an exciting program :) I sure do hope that people will find it in their hearts to participate.
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    A Few Cats From Our Cat Sanctuary

    :welcomesign: Welcome to TCS!! You are living the dream of many of us here! And you have volunteers....earthly paradise 🤗 I almost swooned over the orange kitty with the crumpled ear - that oh-so-handsome John Wayne appeal
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    Unplanned Sick Kittens

    Smart Ginger - retreated to home territory rather than ran off!! I like the soft mesh harnesses best because harnesses need to be tighter than many people feel comfortable with (same as with dog collars). Also, getting the cat used to wearing the harness while inside the house helps keep kitty...
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    Unplanned Sick Kittens

    Ginger is adorable! A very handsome trendsetter for sure. Thank you both for being great cat ambassadors.
  9. catsknowme

    City Adopts No-Kill Program For Feral Cats 😺

    What an awesome community! If only cat haters would be patient and compassionate , they, too, could eventually see the good results from TNR and good colony management.
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    5 day kitten Pneumonia - updated

    I am sorry to read the update but at least the little one knew what it was to be loved, cared for and comforted. He did not die alone and his little spirit walks the Night Sky Trail back to the Creator, to rejoin the ancestors and those yet to be born. He gave you a chance to learn VALUABLE...
  11. catsknowme

    A diary on cats - Newspaper article

    Definitely an opinion piece that would appeal to cat-haters and those cat-ignorant although it is patronizing on canines, especially wolves. A headline further down said " Flying in Storm Ciara: Four landing attempts, vomiting passengers, diversion to Germany about 5 hours ago".... pretty much...
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    Cat Peeling Paint Off Door

    @ArtNJ :flail::crackup::flail::crackup:great observation with humorous comments! you really brightened up my morning. @PawprintsOnMyHeart I feel your pain! I have two cats who are insisting on clawing the doorjambs at the entrance to my mom's kitchen. My mom won't allow me to install...
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    I Cannot Let Jackie Blue Go!!!

    You have gone above and beyond. Social media is probably your best bet. I am so sorry that matters have been so challenging.
  14. catsknowme

    5 day kitten Pneumonia - updated

    I am very happy to read your update! we can scroll down to the most recent posts to read your updates. Continuing to send prayers your way
  15. catsknowme

    I Cannot Let Jackie Blue Go!!!

    Are you able to visit the area of the cornfield? He might have moved into an area where ferals congregate.
  16. catsknowme

    5 day kitten Pneumonia - updated

    Yes, updates please! If prayers and great advice will make a difference, these little ones will make it! :vibes: :vibes: :vibes:
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    Help please I really do need some advice.

    @eevans2608 How are things going for you? What is your situation now? There are such different options out there. For instance, my adult disabled daughter's cat came to us via Craigslist. The cat's former owner was entering hospice. I drove over 200 miles one-way to pick up the cat in the...
  18. catsknowme

    A Brave Doctor Dies from the Coronavirus

    Yes, Dr. Li was a true hero! He warned the others despite the risk of the cops being called. When I read the story, I wanted to cry....only 34 years old - at the peak of life.
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    5 day kitten Pneumonia - updated

    Thank you for the compliment, JCatbird! I will tag @StefanZ who offers such great insight to these critical kitten cases & is in a different time zone. Bless you helping those kittens, Ladro - you rock!
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    5 day kitten Pneumonia - updated

    Welcome to TCS! We have a fellow member, Hissy, who has a great website: Also, Maddies Fund has a free, excellent webinar that you can watch on YouTube and pause, rewind, fast forward, etc: FIRST...