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  1. KrisinOhio

    Spaying My 2 Feral Ladies... Yikes!

    Hi everyone! You've all been so helpful and supportive as i shared my experiences in catching and trying to tame my feral mama and baby. A huge thank you! Now the mama's spaying appointment is in 2 weeks. (The baby is still too young, hers will be in a couple months.) i am freaking out about the...
  2. KrisinOhio

    Ferals And Tv???

    Hi everyone!! These forums have been very helpful and educational, thank you to all!! One month ago i brought in the house a feral mama cat and her 2 month old kitten. All is going well, vet visits, socializing, etc. Mama kitty is afraid of TV, is this normal? How do i go about getting her used...
  3. KrisinOhio

    Just Rescued 2 Ferals... Questions

    Hi, I just rescued a stray/feral female and her kitten 4 days ago. I have been feeding them outside for several months and have been able to pet and play with the mother. Now they are contained to a cat room with with toys, seats, furniture, etc. Feeding and socialization has been going well...