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  1. di and bob

    Question of the Day, Wednesday, February 26, 2020

    I love plants and have a beautiful park-like acre around my house. Also garden enough to sell at farmer's market. We'll be moving this summer to 9 acres, so have to start all over again. You can bet I'll be taking my favorites with me! My daughter always brings me her failing plants, she can...
  2. di and bob

    Is your cat's meow deep or high?

    My cats have a lot of Siamese in their backgrounds, so it is interesting to hear their raspy, really strange meows. They sound more like they are groaning with an uplift at the end, or trying to clear their throats. Yammy (who is the color of a yam) sounds really strange, he sounds like a Yamaha...
  3. di and bob

    Featured Do you have a plan if you suddenly found yourself unable to care for your cat(s)?

    I just plan to outlive them right now. I have no one to take them and could not bear to see them go to a shelter. Once they are gone, hopefully in many years, I will no longer have cats or any other pet, but will stay involved through my shelter, donating time and supplies, and getting more...
  4. di and bob

    New 15 week old kittens

    Kittens are just one big ball of energy, they make me tired just looking at them! 9 days is not long at all for any new cat, semi-feral or not. The fact that you see them at all is good. I have had cats hide for literally weeks under a bed when brought home. One good way to get them tamer is to...
  5. di and bob

    Goodbye and thank you my dear friend

    It's so very hard to come to the fact that they will no longer be with us. She was in your life for a reason, and that reason was to show you love. She had her everything, a family she could call her own, their love, and the caring and nurturing that it took to let her have 18 wonderful years on...
  6. di and bob

    Kitten with sore gums and bad teeth

    I'm glad you went and got a different vet. I hope you feel a little better. I would get the oxifresh additive and just put it in her water. I think it wouldn't work as well in food. Maybe set several bowls around so she will check them out and maybe drink. (or pretend it's your water and she...
  7. di and bob

    Cat's Behavior has Almost Done a 180

    I think she is really bothered by something, to the degree she is too distracted. Moving her kittens so many times indicates this, and worried, frightened mothers will often harm their little ones. Is there someone bothering the kittens and her overly much. She must remain calm and relaxed. I...
  8. di and bob

    Kitten with sore gums and bad teeth

    I would start her on some oral water additive, it helps to kill bacteria in the mouth. I get mine on amazon and it helped to whiten up my cat's teeth. It is called Oxyfresh water additive. I have been giving it for years and it works. At 5-6 months it is normal to have sore gums from teething...
  9. di and bob

    Lost our beloved kitty

    My family has always had a Siamese in their lives, and I can say without a doubt they are the most personable, chatty, mischievous cats I have ever known. The white one in my Avatar is mostly Siamese, flame point in color, and had the deepest blue eyes I had ever seen. Your little Mia has left...
  10. di and bob

    Cat sleeps in the litter box and pee outside the litter box

    Yes, this happens more often then you think. The cat sees the litter box as a safe place to be. You might start by confining him to one room until he breaks this habit, giving him a box to sleep in and two boxes to go in. Put in a comfy bed too, he just might try it out. Get some puppy pee pads...
  11. di and bob

    Slightly Overweight Kitty?

    I think it is more of her getting slightly older and developing a pouch under her abdomen, which most cat's get as they get older. Since having my cats diagnosed with Leukemia, I prefer them a little overweight so when the ravages of their horrible disease rears its ugly head they can withstand...
  12. di and bob


    How horrible! I wish I could say I have never had to go through something like this, but unfortunately, it happens more than you and I could ever comprehend. His not chewing properly in the first place could have been an indicator of deeper problems than you or a vet, anyone, could have known...
  13. di and bob

    When it rains, it pours, doesn't it?

    It doesn't matter what species, a broken heart knows no difference......I'm sure Jack was stressed about CiCi, he wanted to be with her and now he is. All animal souls Cross the Bridge, there is no animosity between them there, they are all at peace and waiting for us. For them, it will be in...
  14. di and bob

    Question of the Day, Friday, February 21

    The house we just sold is sage green with white trim. The new one we just did is a medium grey with white trim. I really love them both
  15. di and bob

    How to tell my cat is having her kitttens?

    Nice, big kittens! Yes, you can move them, but to somewhere secluded, like in an open closet, etc. where your kids won't bother them too much. If mama doesn't like where you take them she will move them. Congratulations, I'm so happy everything went well!
  16. di and bob

    Our sweet Palermo

    Sweet Palermo's love being passed on to another little one is a great honor for her. To have her love mean enough to you to want to pass it on is heartwarming. Her love is spiritual, so eternal. She will always be as close as your thoughts and prayers. She did not die alone, she carried your...
  17. di and bob

    Keeping a cat from getting fat

    I would get some shaved deli turkey that most cats love, and it is low in calories, to feed in between. I feed Sheba too, but my cats only get three a day. But of course, they get a weight management hard food Science diet in between. I wouldn't feed her more Sheba, but maybe offer low calorie...
  18. di and bob

    female cat licking genitals

    She may have a urinary tract infection that is playing havoc with her system. That and increased urination is a big sign of that. Or an inner ear infection. The only way to know is to have her checked out. I'll pray it is nothing serious!
  19. di and bob

    Gender help

    Looks female to me too!