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    What's a reasonable amount of money to spend on a cat per month?

    I have 6 cats, 3 inside and 3 outside. The inside cats only eat dry food and Deli turkey for a treat every morning (husband spoiled them with the deli turkey) and the outside cats eat one can between the three and dry food daily (they are mousers). So I spend $65.00 a month total for all 6...
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    Has anyone here had a wrist ganglion?

    I just had one removed in Dec 2003. My cyst was on the inside of my wrist, right hand where wrist and bottom of thumb area meet. I had the cyst for over a year and was getting bigger and I was starting to have pain with it. My surgen told me when you first see the cyst that is the time to...
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    Does It Hurt?

    You need to read the horror stories from hospital emergency rooms If you are in an emergency situation and need a tube or tubes forced down your throat, depending on placement and how large the piercing jewelry is you will not be with us very long . There is no room to place the life saving...
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    UTI caused by stress/ anxiety?

    I agree in changing the food. Some foods can cause problems..I have a friend who's dog, yes dog was getting UTI's and could not get rid of them and when the vet asked the kind of food the dog was eating he said, that is the problem.. THey changed the dog's food to the Science Diet to help with...
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    Why did you give your kittie that name?

    Here goes: BK- For Bad Kittie, because being our first cat, we spoiled him and did everything you are not to do and he was a Bad Kittie, still is. Nemo- He came to us when the movie came out and my SD name him Scampers- My SS named her, and she does,,,,,scampers about. Scrappy- the Mother of...
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    How do I train my cat to stop meowing?

    Are you a cat person If not you have alot to learn. My cats start running through the house at midnight and can last for hours. I wear earplugs when sleeping, so I suggest at 3am to get out the ole ear plugs, because cats will be cats and we love them Clara
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    Love of the Bathroom

    Add my inside kitties to the list. It is so funny, BK is antisocial until you have to go to the bathroom. He has to sit in your lap and you have to scratch his right ear. Nemo head butts your legs and Scampers sits in your lap and curls up to sleep. What a bunch of crazy kats. Clara
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    Scampers throwing up

    I was wondering about hairballs, she is a short hair cat and the throw up was only liquid, no hair. BK is a long haired cat and he does throw up just hair balls no liquid. I got some laxatone from the vet and figured now is a good time for all three to take it. Yes the dehaydration did not...
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    Scampers throwing up

    Our girl kitty Scampers gave us a scare. Last Wed nite one of our 3 inside cats was throwing up, but we did not know which one. Then Thurs morning (I'm at work) my husband sees Scampers throw up and it is liquid that is dark, the color of her food. He saw her eat and then she threw up what...
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    This is my last post

    Aren't you a funny bunny Clara
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    New mommy & the litter box

    I had kinda the same problem a year ago with a feral cat. After we sawed a hole in the wall of our house to get her and the kittens out I put her in the garage, so she moved them into the storage room behind some boxes. When I moved them out she did it again, so I thought, she is feral and is...
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    Pilling a Cat and not just Any Cat

    Thanks Hissy, Looks like the 3 outside kitties get tuna for dinner The Vet stated they get tapeworms from fleas and mice. I am going to start using advantage on them, but the mice----that is their job and apparently they are doing a Good Job. Clara
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    Pilling a Cat and not just Any Cat

    I did not know which board to post this on so if you need to move me thats ok. Anyway I have 3 outside cats, they all started as ferals but now can be petted and live in my garage. They do not like to be picked up. My problems is they have tapeworms and I called the vet he will let me pick up...