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  1. dragonlady

    Looking for three tier cat cage in or near California

    I need to confine my kitties during the kittening and weaning stage of my breeding program. We have had problems in the past and confining them to a room of their own is not working out. As much as I hate caging my babies, I need to keep them and their babies safe and secure. I do not have much...
  2. dragonlady

    How do you advertise your kittens?

    I use http://hoobly.comand http://craigslist.comas well as, http://PennySaverUSA.comBut have had little luck in placing my kittens these past few months. Does anyone have a web address they can reccommend? Thanks!
  3. dragonlady

    I may have found Kimber!!!!!

    Some of you may remember the horrible run in I had with a "breeder" that caused my kitten to loose 33% of her body weight in 45 days and her refusal to return my other kitten she had. When I sued her, she told me via email that she had gone to a Wal-mart in her area and given the cat away. I...
  4. dragonlady

    Your banners wanted

    Hi guys, I know many of you are part of a rescue group and I would like to add your banner and url to my web site. Breeders feel free to send your banner and url too! I would like to get homes for as many kitties as possible and if it's not one of my kitties then maybe one of yours can find a...
  5. dragonlady

    How did you and your partner meet?

    I met Marcus while I waited in line at "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". He flirted with me all evening and into the early morning. We went to coffee together and exchanged phone numbers, even after warning him that I had 5 children! Actually he gave me his home, work, pager, and fax number! LOL...
  6. dragonlady

    Do you brush your kitties teeth, or have the vet clean them?

    Just wondering, I have the vet clean the kitties teeth as there are so many in my house. This is pricey and I worry every time they go under, but I think it is necessary. What do you guys do?
  7. dragonlady

    Finally my kitties in my siggy

    My hubby just made the kitties photo for me and also made it a link so you can click on the cats and go to my site! I don't have all the cats on here yet as I don't have good enough photos of them all.
  8. dragonlady

    Gotta vent a bit

    I just got up and noticed that someone took the SMOKE DETECTER off the wall and removed the battery. They called another friend at 6am and asked him to bring over doughnuts. This person came and went while I was still asleep. Every time my son has any friend over they just go stupid. I've found...
  9. dragonlady

    Catmus, the 12 days

    The 12 Days of "Catmas" On the first day of Catmas, my humans gave to me. . . A carpeted cheaply home-made cat tree. (Feeble attempt by the Big Owner to get me off his bed where I take up most of the space. Sorry, no go.) On the second day of Catmas, my humans gave to me. . . Two catnip toys...
  10. dragonlady

    Help needed

    Ok this is hard for me to write, but, I have a problem. I find it very difficult to go out of my house to do anything. The only person I feel comfortable to be around is my husband. We have lived in our house for nearly 5 years and I wouldn't know one of my neighbors if I ran into them at the...
  11. dragonlady

    I just submitted my 3,000th post!

    Holey Moley I have been really chatting it up lately! I guess I just have to put my 2 cents in when ever I can
  12. dragonlady

    Clippers for grooming

    Help I am looking for affordable high quality clippers for grooming (summer cut) Persians. I have about $150.00 I can spend and they have to last! I have purchased inexpencive clippers and have yet had one pair last through one of my kitties coats. Any help would be appreciated!
  13. dragonlady

    I've missed you guys!!!

    The computer at home has been down for ages and I am using the computer at my son's library. I am the new librarian vollenteer. I also have an after school program that teaches pet care to the students. We were able to watch a guinea pig give birth yesterday. The kids really love the class and...
  14. dragonlady


    OMG I just got your package! I loved the paper with the paw prints and so many toys! I am covered with catnip and cat toys!!!! I love the fat kitty statue and will find a place to put it soon. The best part is the cats can't knock it down and break it! I have a house full of jingling balls and...
  15. dragonlady

    Whiskas canned food 4/$1.00

    Safeway is having a sale and it's a great one. Stock up now!!!
  16. dragonlady

    My 1st year anniversary at TCS

    will be on the 22 of this month.
  17. dragonlady

    Anyone else want to join the pen pals?

    We have a few others that would like to sign up so please if you would like to join up as well, email me your name address email and sign on name to [email protected]
  18. dragonlady

    Pen Pals

    Sorry for the delay. A kitty I was going to get was electrocuted and I have been in constant contact with the breeder to monitor his progress. It sort of slipped my mind.... Pollyanna and Harrythecat I need to get your e-mail addresses. I will send them to your pen pals ASAP.
  19. dragonlady

    Had to share!

    Dear Dogs and Cats, When I say to move, it means to go someplace else, not switch positions with each other so there are still two of you in the way. The dishes with the paw print are yours and contain your food. The other dishes are mine and contain my food. Please note, placing a paw...
  20. dragonlady

    I think I have been jinxed!

    I have been having a very bad run of luck the past several months and just feel jinxed. Hubby lost his job, and the kids are acting up more than usual. Frankie getting stepped on and then losing the 5 kittens in one litter, to an unidentified skin problem on some of the kittens, then ringworm...