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  1. MagickalBabe

    What breed is my kitten?

    Got her last week from a friend who’s cat had kittens a couple months back. I think she may be a Maine coon or a Domestic Long Hair?
  2. MagickalBabe

    Is my cats spay incision infected?

    Hello I just got my cat spayed 6 days ago and she's acting different. She usually is very active and is always playing and she used to have a big appetite. Now she eats but takes a few days to finish a bowl of dry food, doesn't move around much unless its to eat/drink or find a place to sleep...
  3. MagickalBabe

    What gender is my kitten?

    Just got a kitten yesterday from a friend who’s cat had a litter a little bit ago and I want to know what gender it is. Thank you!
  4. MagickalBabe

    What Breed Is My Kitten?

    I adopted Poppy from the humane society last week, and I’ve been wondering if she’s going to be a long or short haired cat when she gets older. And if so what breed? If you can tell from these pictures what breed she is then that would be awesome. Thank you :)