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  1. jen

    Cat loves water TOO much

    I have a client whose cat constantly plays in the water dish and/or knocks it over, he also paws at it purposefully splashing water out of the bowl. She has tried heavy dog bowls, large trays, and fountains. He paws all the water out of the heavy ones, plops his whole body in the trays, and...
  2. jen

    Apoquel For Allergies

    Anyone ever try Apoquel for seasonal or climate related allergies? Off label for cats. I decided to try it but just curious if anyones cats had any reactions I would be curious to know, positive or negative! Thanks!
  3. jen

    Gofundme For My Friends Old Dog

    My good friend is trying out a GoFundMe for his sweet old dog. He also takes care of his mother with her own illnesses and has been through a lot of personal drama and stress. I thought I would post this here in hopes of getting some help. I know anything asking for help online is questionable...
  4. jen

    Need Some Reassurance On Feral Cat

    So I TNR'd this handsome boy and was really hopeful he would come around and be okay once inside. I pet him when he was still affected by the anesthesia after surgery, but the second he came around he was WILD and flailing in the trap and freaking out when I even came into the room. So I let him...
  5. jen

    Hot Spots/safe Topicals/releaving The Itchiness

    I moved to LA from the midwest a year ago and my cat is having a rough time adjusting to the allergens in the environment. Vet gave her antibiotics and antinflammatories for when she gets bad but aside from keeping her on these meds all time time, is there anything that can maintain her...
  6. jen

    Cat Pee Smell In The Air. Help!

    So I had a feral cat in my bathroom overnight. The trap was on pee pads so nothing soaked through. I still scrubbed the floor with vinegar and Simple Green. He didn't spray or anything. It has been all day with all windows open, I sprayed air freshener, it's been cool out.... but it still reaks...
  7. jen

    End Stages Of Asthma

    My boyfriends cat Eos has asthma. It is really bad, she is now coughing up phlegm and her coughing fits last longer and her breathing is raspy. She is also in diabetic remission so no oral steriods can be used to treat her. She has antihistamines and an inhaler for this. THE PROBLEM: My...
  8. jen

    Thoughts On Cannabis Oil For Lymphoma Dog.

    Test results come in Monday and the dog is around 12 years. He has a low appetite and is being well monitored by the vet. Just wondered if anyone used Cannabis oil to help a dog with lymphoma. Results? Thoughts?
  9. jen

    If Anyone Can Solve This Feeding Issue You Will Be My Hero.

    So here is the situation: ~Emma, 20 year old Himalayan with kidney disease who WILL NOT EAT CANNED FOOD or anything but her medium quality dry food my mom has fed her, her whole life. ~India, 14 year old Torti who will ONLY eat dry but will switch to other drys without much problem ~Roxy, 6...
  10. jen

    What Would You Call This Coloring?

    This stunning cat is one I used to have back in college. I always wondered what you call the coloring?
  11. jen

    Rip My Little Kinks

    Well I got her around the time I signed up on this forum in late 2001. She was an old girl and in perfect health until this last year. GI lymphoma most likely but at her age I opted to treat the symptoms until it was time. Yesterday was time and I found a wonderful vet who came to the house so...
  12. jen

    What Would You Call This Color?

    Will more of a tabby pattern come in later on as he ages? There really isn't much striping now, its pretty solid. I have never really seen a color like this. You kind of see it in Snowshoe Siamese type but this guy doesn't have any sort of color point like a Siamese would. Thanks!
  13. jen


    Is there a decent human grade probiotic anyone can recommend for my cat with IBD issues? She is very old, I am just treating her symptoms until it is time, it has been recommended that I add a probiotic but since she wont be around much longer I was hoping for something I could also take. I hope...
  14. jen

    Food Similar To Royal Canin Selected Protein Duck That Isn't Prescription

    I hate shelling out a small fortune for this food but my IBD cat (most likely IBD anyway) is handling Royal Canin Selected Protein DUCK really well along with her meds and I wonder if there is a non-prescription food anyone knows of that contains similar main ingredients.... Water sufficient...
  15. jen

    Lump Above Both Eyes

    This is my boyfriends cat Eos, she is 12 years and ex-diabetic, also has pretty bad asthma which we have an inhaler for her. These lumps can't be good though... this one is large, above the eye, on the other eye it is smaller. Its almost a translucent lump, feels more watery then a solid mass...
  16. jen

    Previously Outdoor Cat, Stuck Indoors And Unhappy.

    Nora is 15, healthy as can be (senior bloodwork/blood pressure/urine/xray/etc) all checked within the last 6 months. She has gone outdoors her whole life, hunting, playing, roaming and loved it. Now she is old, deaf, and I moved to LA and there are a MILLION mean strays, raccoons, opossoms...
  17. jen

    Raw Chicken, Ibd Cat

    The background: Kinks is 15 years old and has some IBD/lymphoma going on, we didn't narrow it down completely at her age, just treating the symptoms. She has horrific diarrhea and after a variety of food trials, I found raw steak is the best for her but after a couple days she refused it. Lately...
  18. jen

    Changing Colors

    My cat Nora is 15ish and slowly turning red. She lays with her whole body in the sun but not more often then other cats I have had. Is this just some aging change or is she "bleaching" in the sun? Notice her head is still jet black, just her body is red. Isn't she cuuuuute?
  19. jen

    Finding a food for a Pancreatitis and Diabetic cat.

    Background: Kinks) 14 year old cat started losing weight and had some diarrhea. Ran some tests and she has Pancreatitis. She is on Prednisolone, cerenia, famotidine and metronidizole. About 4 days in. This is the second round of cerenia and metro. All the rest of her blood work, thyroid...
  20. jen

    Overweight Diabetic Cat

    Anyone have suggestions on brands of food for a diabetic cat who is obese? Vet prescribed Purina Pro Plan Diabetic Management. I am not a fan of Purina or Hills or Royal Canin or any of those stupid vet prescribed brands... I am looking for high quality, high protein, low carb, canned food...