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  1. cheeser

    Is there a general rule of thumb re: measurements when substituting beans/peas for ground meat in recipes?

    Sorry for such a dumb question, but I'd like to try replacing ground meat in some favorite family recipes, and was just needing a starting point as to how to proceed. :wink: For example, if a recipe calls for one pound of ground beef, and I cook a one pound bag of lentils, how does that work...
  2. cheeser

    Need some help getting started on a mostly vegetarian diet :-)

    We need to cut back on our iron intake for health reasons. So we thought we'd try to start transitioning to a mostly vegetarian diet, since plant-based sources of iron aren't as easily absorbed by the body. But we do need to include dairy products, as they help to inhibit the absorption of...
  3. cheeser

    Need help finding a suitable alternative to CurcuVET-SA50 and lactoferrin :-)

    The CurcuVET-SA50 that Buddy had been taking for inflammation has been discontinued. Can anyone recommend a good curcumin alternative, preferably a human version that would be less expensive than a pet version? Buddy is on so many supplements for his FIV/FHV related issues, we try to economize...
  4. cheeser

    Any ideas for safely getting an omega-3 oil into a cat that won't consume it voluntarily?

    I know you're not supposed to syringe feed oils because of the risk of aspiration, even though our vet assures us that it would probably be okay if we mixed it in with a syringe feeding. But since we're not too keen on that idea, what are some good ways to safely get an omega-3 oil into Buddy...
  5. cheeser

    Are there any basic fruit or vegetable baby food flavors that we shouldn't feed our cat?

    Well, besides the ones that might contain extra ingredients, such as salt, sugar or other sweeteners, flour, rice, etc. We usually mix Buddy's more unpleasant tasting meds and supplements with ham baby food, which is the only meat flavor he can tolerate because of his food allergies and...
  6. cheeser

    Can anyone recommend a good ubiquinol form of CoQ10, preferably one that isn't a softgel? :-)

    We were recently informed that it would probably be a good idea to get Buddy started on the ubiquinol form of CoQ10 to promote good gum health (as well as fish oil), as he's FIV+ and prone to gingivitis. But we're only supposed to give him 50 mg. a day, and thus far, we've only been able to...
  7. cheeser

    Question re: using real egg yolks for a few days for hairball control

    I've been kinda busy lately, and forgot to reorder Buddy's egg yolk lecithin until we were down to our last two capsules. *hangs head in shame* So how much real egg yolk from a boiled egg can I give him for hairball control to tide him over until our order gets here?
  8. cheeser

    How long in advance can you safely prepare feedings and mix supplements (without adding water yet)?

    Would it be okay if I prepared Buddy's morning syringe feedings and supplement cocktails as much as possible the night before, leave in the fridge overnight, and then just add any water or premix as needed immediately before feedings? It usually takes me about half an hour to get each feeding...
  9. cheeser

    Have you tried any new remedies lately for chronic nasal congestion?

    Our kitty with FIV, FHV, and allergies is almost always congested to some degree. Thus, we're always on the lookout for new ideas to help provide him with some much needed relief. Has anyone had any success with any new remedies that they've tried recently? For what it's worth, Buddy is...
  10. cheeser

    Need help cleaning both sides of windows, without removing the storm windows :-)

    Is there a nifty gadget or some mystical and magical hack to clean this hard to reach area? The storm windows are way too heavy for me to remove and put back on by myself, so I just need to clean what I can reach as best I can for now. :wink:
  11. cheeser

    How do you sanitize cat food cans after one of them broke open during shipment?

    The order of individual cans we received yesterday was a little worse for wear, but I think most of the cans are still usable. Thankfully, the dents don't appear to be too bad, and with the exception of one can, the seams appear to be intact. But I'll do a bubble test on them to make sure...
  12. cheeser

    Recs for a mild shampoo that's safe to use around mouth?

    Our kitty with FIV requires at least one assist feeding every day, as well as his twice daily med/supplement cocktails via syringe. So I've been using a toddler toothbrush and a teeny-tiny bit of Dawn (the "original" Non-Concentrated Simply Clean) to keep his chin clean. Otherwise, he's...
  13. cheeser

    How much premix do you need to add to a jar of baby food for assist feedings, and what's a good source of fiber/bulk to include as needed?

    If you need to add premix to a 2.5 oz. jar of baby food, do you base the amount you need on 2.5 oz.? Or do you just assume each jar only contains 1 oz. of meat? The reason I ask is because I recently stumbled across this info (from the article: Raw Feeding for IBD Cats), and now I'm wondering...
  14. cheeser

    How do you keep your glasses from fogging up when wearing a mask outside?

    We live in a hot, humid climate, and my glasses fog up something fierce when I wear a mask outside. So I was just wondering if there's an obvious solution that I'm overlooking, e.g., a different type of mask, a different fabric, etc. :) I still have a ton of outdoor chores that I need to do...
  15. cheeser

    What is a decent OTC alternative to Revolution for a cat with FIV?

    Buddy has been on Revolution for ages, but we've lost our vet, and need some kind of OTC alternative for flea control as a stopgap measure to tide us over for a bit. Any suggestions?
  16. cheeser

    What are your best tips to make beans less gassy? :-)

    Beans and rice are a staple of our diet, and I *thought* that after all these years, I knew how to cook them without the, um, "musical" properties. I just picked the beans, rinsed them, soaked them overnight, drained them the next morning, soaked them again with fresh water, drained them again...
  17. cheeser

    How long do you need to quarantine new stuff before bringing it into your home?

    Are there any guidelines as to how long you should quarantine new items that you bought at the store or ordered online before you bring them into your home? I've been trying to leave things in the garage or the trunk of my car for 5 days, unless it's something that needs to go in the fridge or...
  18. cheeser

    Any ideas for a decent substitute for disposable gloves?

    I usually wear disposable gloves to do chores around the house when my eczema flares up. Otherwise, my hands can crack and bleed something fierce, and can sometimes become infected. And doggone it, stress is one of the things that can cause my symptoms to flare up. Unfortunately, it has been...
  19. cheeser

    In a pinch, how long can you safely feed kitten food or KMR to an adult cat?

    Is there a general rule of thumb as to how long you can feed kitten food and/or reconstituted KMR to an adult cat in case of an emergency? Oh, say like maybe where it only represents about 1/4th to 1/3rd of a cat's daily diet? We missed the beginning of the COVID-19 apocalypse while caring for...
  20. cheeser

    Ack...questions re: egg yolk lecithin, papaya enzymes (with or without bromelain), and other non-lubricant type hairball remedies

    Dang it, hairball season sneaked up on us again, and I need a little help getting this sorted out. :) How long can you safely give a higher dose of egg yolk lecithin? Buddy can usually get by with just half of a Swanson EYL capsule a day, but during shedding seasons, sometimes we need to bump...