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  1. dbljj

    Farting Tortie

    never had this problem in any other cats but this new Ally was farting on us about 5 times a day,  I mean enough to dump her off your lap and leave the blessed room.Our Opie has farted about 3 times in 7 years...This little girl has been doing it steadily since we got her. I did as the vet said...
  2. dbljj

    Cat bells that keep their colour!

    I have a question. Years ago I got a bell that had been covered in porcelain, when it dipped into the water bowl or whatever the color NEVER chipped off, and cannot find one anywhere now. Help???? Ally's little pink bell, the paint is already chipping and I would love to have a porcelain covered...
  3. dbljj

    Please help! Cat won't stay off keyboard

    I may have the wrong forum but I have a question. New tortie will Not stay off my keyboard, I hold her, rub her , she gets out of my lap and trots right back across my keyboard. she is NOT hungry has a big brother and toys to play with but if I am on the computer all of a sudden she wants my...