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  1. pearl99

    A New Kitty For Me

    This is Ziggy. My neighbors' of 18 years son died suddenly, unknown why. It is soooo sad, they are devastated. He had a kitty, Ziggy, who is 13 years old- we tried to find her a home and could not, so I have taken her in. She's a Manx, and has this little nubbin of a tai! A very sweet cat, she's...
  2. pearl99

    I have a new family member.

    Meet Gracie, my newest kitty. I had decided to adopt senior cats when I was ready for another one. She had been at the shelter I volunteer at since August, her owner had died and the owner's family could not keep her. Poor girl! She is a dear dear sweet little thing. I'd seen her and worked with...
  3. pearl99

    Resolved Trying to subscribe to Newsletter

    I found "subscriptions" in my Profile, but when I click on it it says "Oops, we ran in to a problem. You do not have permission to view page or perform any actions." Can someone look in to it? Thanks.
  4. pearl99

    Alll By Mysellllfff....

    My daughter's cat Bleu....she just wants to be :musicnote::musicnote: allll by mysellfff...:musicnote::musicnote: BleuAllByMyself by pearl99 posted Apr 23, 2019 at 4:19 PM
  5. pearl99

    Feedback A Request: Daily Digest.

    Hi, I'm figuring things out and getting around fine now. If possible in the future I'd like to see the Daily Digest- I really liked getting a daily update in email to my watched threads/forums. Now I just get on the site and check Alerts and that's fine- but the Digest was great. If it's...
  6. pearl99

    I now have a lap cat! Waffles.

    I adopted Waffles about 2 months ago from a shelter- a very scared kitty and was at least semi-feral. He's probably about 2 years old. I've been getting him used to us bit by bit- two steps forward and one step back- and last night he decided to jump up on my lap for the first time. It's very...
  7. pearl99

    Hello! Am new.

    Hi there, I was looking on the internet about feral cats as pets and found this forum. Two weeks ago I adopted a 2 year old (as far as vet could tell) very shy cat from a shelter. The vet thought he is at least semi-feral. I'm looking forward to all the good info and people on this forum. My...