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  1. Ms. Freya

    2 Cats Pee And Poop Outside Of Litter Box.

    The first thing would be to get a vet check up for both of them. Sudden elimination outside of the box can be a sign of illness and, if that's the case, will often correct itself after treatment. When you clean up the pee and poop, do you use an enzyme cleaner? If not, I'd recommend doing so...
  2. Ms. Freya

    Should I Separate My New And Old Cat? Did I Mess Up Their Intro?

    I agree with Mamanyt1963. While that was quick, if all you're getting is some posturing and hissing, things seem to be progressing. The one thing I would hesitate with is leaving them together unsupervised while you're at work. Just because if something did happen, it could get out of hand and...
  3. Ms. Freya

    Introduction Of A Young Cat To An Older Pair

    I agree that the more normal you can keep things the better. Cats love their routines, so they'll probably come to the conclusion that Kenobi isn't bad if they get to keep their routines. Since he's so attached, maybe keep Kenobi's playtime separate until the hissing stops. I don't know...
  4. Ms. Freya

    Sibling Cats Fighting--sister Sick--brother Spraying

    Personally, I would keep them separated until you can get the spraying under control. If he's been checked out and the vet's sure it's behavioral, here are a few things you can try that have worked for me in the past: Let him see her, but not reach her. I found that blocking the door with a...
  5. Ms. Freya

    Need Opinions Regarding Litter Of Kittens

    My first thought is whether they seem content in their enclosure. If so, I'd consider keeping them in when they're outside, but I'm in a rural area where we regularly see foxes sunning on our patio.
  6. Ms. Freya

    Urgent! Plzs Help!!

    That was my first thought. Cats in heat can be incredibly standoffish towards people. I'll also second the thought that a vet check might be a good idea. Rearing kittens can be hard on them, so it's very possible she's just reacting to pain or discomfort.
  7. Ms. Freya

    Introduction Of A Young Cat To An Older Pair

    Hi Tomrok, Welcome to TCS! Sometimes cat introductions can be an incredibly slow process. The good news is that you sound like you actually have a good handle on it. I'm glad you backed up a few steps. We've had a few cases here where the only way to describe the was 'one step forward, two...
  8. Ms. Freya

    Two Kittens From Different Litters Tension

    It sounds like they're sorting out who's in charge. If all they're doing is the occasional hiss & growl, I would keep them supervised, but together to see how they do. If they get at all physical, I'd separate them. You may also want to confine them to a smaller portion of the house if they have...
  9. Ms. Freya

    Cat Stalking My Cat....nees Advice

    Honestly, I would consider keeping your cat inside until the vet visit, if you can. If he is a she and is pregnant, it will be safer for her to be inside. If he actually is a he, the sudden behaviour change could indicate something's not quite right and he'll be safer inside. How old is your...
  10. Ms. Freya

    Senior Cat Looks Behind Her Whenever Spoken To.

    From experience, I think it's possible. I know a number of older cats will pick up the habit of yowling at night as their hearing diminishes. I know as our Cotton aged, he became very easy to sneak up on - I think he just didn't hear us around the house anymore. He also became a very deep...
  11. Ms. Freya

    Personality Question (are My Foster's Temperaments Common?)

    I'll second the fact that those temperaments are not very common. Only two out of six cats who've shared my life have ever enjoyed that level of physical affection. Columbine has a god point too, in that everyone's used to the kittens, so it would be an easy (and meaningful) transition into...
  12. Ms. Freya


    It could be a few things. He might be upset by the cry and reacting like that. He could also be trying to calm/groom her as some cats lightly bite (often called love bites) as a sign of affection. More information on that here: How To Deal With Cat "love Bites"? Personally, I think your best...
  13. Ms. Freya

    Cat Now Has Irrational Fear Of Other Cat....

    How long did you keep them separated before trying a reintroduction? It may be that you need to go extremely slow. Also, have you taken the one that's acting frightened to the vet? It may not be a bad idea to do so if you haven't - just to rule out any health concerns that may be adding to the...
  14. Ms. Freya

    When Ahould I Start Training ?

    I think it depends on what sort of training you're trying to do. If you're teaching them litter habits or what furniture to stay off of, they're likely old enough - some may just learn faster than others. If you're hoping to clicker train them, we have some great tips here: Clicker Training For...
  15. Ms. Freya

    Would You Use 7 Year Old Frontline Vial?

    I'd probably toss it, personally. Even if it doesn't expire, the age means that any active ingredients have probably started to break down and lose their effectiveness. Just my opinion, but i wouldn't chance anything.
  16. Ms. Freya

    Sothe Cat Won't Let Me Sleep!

    We had a carpet ripper years ago and thwarted her with a piece of that plastic runner mat people use for shoes and in model homes. The one we got was a bit wider than our door and had little plastic nobs on the back so it couldn't slide on the carpet. We slit a bit off each side and slid it...
  17. Ms. Freya

    Can A Mother Cat Be Safely Introduced To Another Female And Male?

    You'll likely be able to introduce her as long as you take it slow, but I would hold off until the kittens are gone. As long as she has them, she'll be in protective-mom mode and will likely be stand-offish to your cats. Once the kitens are out and she's spayed would be the best time. A good...
  18. Ms. Freya

    Mother Cat Fighting Son

    I'll second what Willowy said. Even if he's not acting like it, he's maturing and she now sees him as a tomcat instead of her kitten. If he's not been feeling well, it's also possible that he's acting "tougher" towards her to hide his weakness, even if there's no change in his behaviour that's...
  19. Ms. Freya

    Three Months Later And Need Help With New Kitty!

    I don't think you can go to slowly when introducing cats - the worst that can happen is that they get bored and uninterested in each other, which is pretty close to what we're going for in most introductions. It sounds like you've done all the prep work, so if you're able to supervise and...
  20. Ms. Freya

    New Cat Putting Our Clothes In Litter Box/food

    Thank you for rescuing this boy! As odd as this sounds, I think him going and getting your clothes is actually a good sign that he's not afraid of your scent. :thumbsup: If you want, you can try leaving the odd piece of dirty clothes around on the floor for him. We often recommend people put a...