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  1. alainasmom

    Every sign of affectionate behavior except for "nuzzling"?

    This is kind of a silly question, and just for fun.  My 3 year old Balinese cat Alaina is very affectionate - a huge bundle of purr, lap cat, follows me everywhere I go (it's just the two of us in our house). She'll slowly blink at me right before she falls asleep. But I've heard that a very...
  2. alainasmom

    Cat vomiting undigested dry kibble

    Hi all, I am new to the forum. I am proudly owned by a spoiled 3-year old Balinese cat named Alaina.  To stick to my question in topic, yesterday, approximately 15 minutes after eating her dinnertime dry kibble and wet kibble (Wellness Core), she made this weird, low gurgling sound (no...