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  1. sunny578

    “Sudden Growling, Hissing in Cat—-“

    Yes, perhaps he needs a more complete work-up? Are there times of the day when he just acts like his normal self? Is he eating and using the box like normal?
  2. sunny578

    Pooping outside the litter box

    Did you mention whether or not the new kitten is spayed? If not, this could solve your problem! Or, as mentioned above, it could be a sign of a UTI, so you might consider calling your vet. I think some kittens do prefer the smaller litter box, so good idea in bringing the old one back into...
  3. sunny578

    Having trouble bonding with my cat

    You have been through a lot:( I'm sorry about your late cat, and about your housing situation. You have your own place now--congrats!! One thing you might do is try to get a few nights of solid sleep. When my family is being loud, I have to sleep with ear plugs and white noise playing through...
  4. sunny578

    Cat Pee

    Maybe! You could look up the medicine name and see if it is prescribed for UTIs as well. But, it could be something other than a UTI--some kind of inflammation in the bladder, which can cause similar symptoms. One of my cats had that and I totally thought it was a UTI but it wasn't, and after...
  5. sunny578

    Litter box issue

    Oh yes, maybe with the spay and neuter this will stop! Hopefully!
  6. sunny578

    Behavioral inappropriate urination

    That's good! I would say just ignore him when he's urinating out of the box. I think some people might try to move the cat while they are urinating, but in my experience, that only works for a kitten who is still learning what a litter box is. I kept a litter box on the counter and one of my...
  7. sunny578

    Cat Pee

    Yes, that could be a sign of a UTI or other kind of bladder thing. If that is the problem, then she needs prescription antibiotics. UTI's are so uncomfortable, and if that's what it is, nothing is going to help outside of the meds from the vet:( I think, like with humans, they give antibiotics...
  8. sunny578

    Litter box issue

    I don't think you mentioned if you had tried switching litters, but I wonder if there's a litter out there that he would be less interested in messing with, but also one that his sister would still like. I'm wondering if it's more sandy, maybe he wouldn't like spreading that around. You could...
  9. sunny578

    Behavioral inappropriate urination

    I'm sorry you are dealing with this! Poor Rico:( I would get at least two more litter boxes, if not more. Generally, people suggest having one more litter box than cats, but if you have a cat with litter box issues, even more can help solve the problem. You also want to consider where these...
  10. sunny578

    Stress Peeing Going on For Years - New here hoping someone know something new to try

    Aww he looks amazing. My sister has a maine coon. They are so cool:) Wondering about his diet, especially since his vet said he has a chronic UTI (cystitis?) My cat is a nervous nelly, and this comes out in urine. She has mild chronic cystitis, and putting her on a raw-only diet has helped...
  11. sunny578

    Cat Pee

    That sounds like a nice cat family:) If she checks out at the vet and no UTI or other bladder condition is suspected, let us know! If this is the case, I would start with making sure you have lots of litter boxes (at least 5) in various easy to get to places around the house. I would have some...
  12. sunny578

    Cat Pee

    A vet visit is a good idea! She might have something going on. How recent was her spay surgery? So, it sounds like nothing new happened when this behavior started? No new house guests, no furniture moving, no new pets? How many litter boxes do you have, and where are they located? Where does...
  13. sunny578

    Cat won't stop getting into everything!!

    Oh my gosh, this is crazy! A whole bag of chips!! I would just pretend you have a dog at this point and keep everything off the counters and in cupboards. Lock up the trash etc. When I had a food grabby dog and a younger child, I had to put the dog in another room when she was eating (I know...
  14. sunny578

    Cat Pee

    How does Hazel feel about the other cats in the house? Does she hang out in your sister's room, or does she just go in there to urinate and then leave? Are you ever able to touch her? Did her mom nurse her until she was weaned? It sounds like she is very stressed out. Has she always been...
  15. sunny578

    Litter box issue

    How interesting! Hahaha field goal. I hope this keeps working and he just forgets about his habit. Keep us posted!!
  16. sunny578

    Dont know what to do with my 9 month old kitten who keeps peeing outside his litterbox

    If it doesn’t stop with neutering, let us know! There are lots of other things you can try after his surgery if the behavior continues. Some cats like to play with their water. You could get one of those plastic placemats with a little lip that people get for their dog water bowls so it doesn’t...
  17. sunny578

    Litter box issue

    That is so interesting! I don’t think it is an emerging dominance issue, though. Where does he put it once he removes it? It sounds like the stools are fairly hard? Maybe more litter boxes could help, as could a container of toys placed by his sisters box like someone suggested above!
  18. sunny578

    Opinions on Feliway to address Improper Elimination

    I'm sorry you are dealing with this! It is so hard :( In my experience, pheromones can help out, but they probably won't permanently solve the problem, or be the only solution you need. It sounds like she is mostly doing well, but when she has an accident it's only somewhere in the den...
  19. sunny578

    Advice for Troubled Cat

    Hello! I have a cat who did this for years. A couple of things: Neutering is the thing that is most likely to help. It sounds like the cat is stressed out about his new situation. This is a big change! There's a lot you/he can do to manage this, but I think the first step is going through with...
  20. sunny578

    Kitten keeps peeing on blankets

    Oh yeah, you might be right! it might very well be the convenience thing! I would put a couple of litter boxes in the living room or in other places around the house. I know it might be a hard sell, but having a few extra litter boxes is much better than having cat urine in unexpected places:-/...