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  1. betsygee

    Question of the day - Thursday 2 December

    Right? :lol: I think it would be 1, 2, 3, and 4.
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    What a lovely tribute to a beautiful kitty. I'm so glad you found each other and had as much time together as you did. Rest in peace, little Happy. :rbheart:
  3. betsygee

    Grooming my cat

    How about trying a grooming glove? You basically just pet them and it helps groom them.
  4. betsygee

    AHH! Open wide

    Oh how cute! :clapcat:
  5. betsygee

    My students love my cats

    That's so cute! What a fun surprise.
  6. betsygee

    Your Christmas Movie Based On Zodiac

    Oh, that's one of my favorite movies.
  7. betsygee

    Let me in!

    Zoe is hyperthyroid and needs to gain a few ounces, and Ozzy is a chonk who shouldn’t gain any more. It’s tough giving her extra calories without Ozzy noticing that treats are being served!
  8. betsygee

    Let me in!

    Ozzy is quite perturbed that Zoe is getting an extra snack in the other room and he isn’t invited!
  9. betsygee

    OMG a dead cat!

    Well, that’s a relief. 😄 Zoe sometimes falls asleep with her eyes open and I have to look twice to make sure she’s still breathing.
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    'Hollidoodles' - love it! That's an ambitious list. :clap: I recently discovered pepperkakers and will be making more for the holidays.
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    Question of the Day - Monday, November 22, 2021

    The ultimate in recycling/leftovers. These pumpkins started out as fall decorations on my porch. Then I cut them up, made pepitas out of the seeds: I roasted the meat, then puréed it: The purée went into pumpkin bars for the humans, YUM: And the pumpkin rinds went out in the yard...
  12. betsygee

    Your Christmas Movie Based On Zodiac

    Miracle on 34th Street. I'd watch that again, but I'd watch the 1947 version with Maureen O'Hara.
  13. betsygee

    After 10 Weeks & Some Good Food

    Love it! :clapcat:
  14. betsygee

    Cat Names

    I just put together a photo display of my cats past and present. :heartshape: The present ones are Zoe in the top center and Ozzy, bottom right. Past are Skittles, Rico, Hannah, Travis, Jake, and Molly.
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    Question of the Day, Friday, November 19

    Okay, the pumpkin enchiladas were amazing!
  16. betsygee

    How do you choose?

    I know what you mean! We're down to two cats from our max of seven a few years ago. Part of me wants more cats, part of me is enjoying the ease of taking care of just two. Part of me wants to take in an older kitty, part of me would love to have a kitten again! I tell myself that when the time...