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    Caboodle Ranch: *Breaking News* Rescue Efforts Underway to Save the Cats here is a facebook page that should be kept up-to-date on the rescue efforts:
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    A Clowder of Cats (30 some pictures)

    I took pictures of all the cats on January the three goldfish. Not an easy feat! Most of the cats still have their winter layer of fat on, which disappears once the weather gets better. It keeps them warmer in this damp cold that we have here! Wilda was to busy eating to look at me...
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    Hortense and Wilda's Switch to Raw

    If anyone is interested, here are two of my permanent foster cats raw transition stories (with before and after pictures).  I have switched three other cats to raw as well since the last time I was active on here: TyTy (blind siamese), Rodent (4 weeks old stray kitten when I first found him), ...
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    "Baldy's" Raw Feeding Transtion

    "Baldy" is just a temperary name, until I can figure out something that actually suits him.  Tonight or tomorrow I'll try get a few pictures of him up. February 2, 2012: I was brought “Baldy” today. He is a DSH black and white cat who is about four years old. He started losing fur two years...
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    Switching Nightmare to Raw - It was a "nightmare" But Well Worth It!

    I kept track of Nightmare's progress on his switching to raw on a different forum, so thought I'd post it here, in case it is helpful to anyone.  If any part of this seems a bit random - some of it may be responses to other people's posts/questions. January 12, 2012: All the other cats eat...
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    Treat time!

    Mitch attempting to grab some freeze dried salmon out of my hand. Note: it doesn't work very well to be holding the camera with one hand and have a kitten practically hanging from the other. Then Morey came along and decided to help. He stayed like that for close to a minute while licking...
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    Eat, Sleep, Play, Act Innocent, and Blaim Someone Else...the life of a kitten

    EAT Malachi is the grey and white kitten Morey is the dark brown/black tabby Mitch is the growling one, a brown tabby. I was touching him, thus the growling (and him moving). The food is Turkey Drumstick Meat and Beef Kidney. PLAY Morey loves to play with his toy. Morey and Mitch...
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    Anyone Near Bellingham, WA?

    I have 5 kittens needing homes - they are all fixed, have their first shots, and are dewormed. They were born around August 10, 2010. Their mother is a feral who I trapped to get fixed when the kittens were 4 weeks old. I've had them since then and they are very sweet kittens! Requirements...
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    Some New Faces - and of course, Chester (furryfriends50)

    First off, the new faces: Malachi - born June 25. Our housecat, I fell in love with him at the shelter a few weeks after we had to put Milo (my best friend for 14 years) to sleep. Not new...but our other housecat, Mikey: --------------------------------------------------------------...
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    Cute Kitten Alert!

    Their mother is a feral who I trapped and had spayed last Wednesday. The couldn't go back with her because she would take them somewhere else and I'd never see them again. I also didn't want them to have their mom's attitude rub off on them (there is a reason we named the mom Jezebel!) There...
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    Lynx's and Panther's and Blizzard's - Oh My!

    What feeding time looks like in the milkhouse: Blizzard - Siamese Mix Panther - Black with white spots on neck Missy - b&w female Mo - tuxedo cat Allie - B&W DMH Storm - White DMH Buddy - Black DMH Lynx - brown and white tabby The straw mow cats at feeding time: Chester - Gray DLH Jill -...
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    P&G Expands Recall to Include Eukanuba PR Newswire July 30, 2010 CINCINNATI, July 30 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ --"The Procter & Gamble Company is voluntarily expanding its recall to include veterinary and some specialized dry pet food as a precautionary measure because it has the...
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    Rajah's Teeth - before and after

    Before (he was getting maybe 1/3 raw at this point) Before (on 1/3 raw) Two months after the original pictures Two months after the original pictures. His top teeth on this side look much worse than the other side. But with a cat who hates having people touch his mouth I could only get...
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    Eyes are the Window to the Soul - part II

    Blizzard Blizzard Blizzard Rajah Lynx Lynx Lynx Missy Nightmare Nightmare Nightmare - How would you like to be waken up by that face in the middle of the night??? Chester - Because I am not allowed to post a picture thread without a picture of Chester! Chester likes to...
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    Eyes are the Window to the Soul

    The only editing was to adjust the color of the picture as a whole and sharpen the pictures a bit. I hope you enjoy Blizzard Blizzard Blizzard Blizzard Lynx Lynx
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    Iams Wet Food Recall
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    2 Weeks through 2 Years: Chester then and now!

    Well, first off you need to start off with his parents. His mother Abby Cookie - 90% sure he would have to be the father. 1-2 weeks old. I think he is the kitten closest to her back legs. 1-2 weeks old. Again the one closest to her back legs. Baby Chester!!!! To think he used to...
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    An Hour in the Life of a Barn Cat

    Lynx Lynx Lynx Lynx Lynx Lynx Lynx, Amiga, Crystal, and Chester Chester Chester Amiga Jill Allie - she helps me and Rajah several are taken on her turf the pond grass just dandy tree tree 'cuz she gotz super powerz!!!
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    Its a Hard Life...

    If I don't lay on this concrete perfectly it may just blow away. Dat would be sad Having to deal with such a strange strange sister behind me. Patrolling the perimeter Looking mightly queenly for a photograph. Tryin' to remain composed when my sister is being wierd I may just break...
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    *No cats were harmed in the taking of these photographs. If I had let him he would have jumped in the pond but I made him settle for a clean mud puddle (yes there is such a thing).* Sorry for so many pictures. Just be glad I won't post the 150 pictures I took. I did...