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  1. CatCrazy777

    Nando’s amputation - warning; contains graphic post surgical images

    Hi guys, not sure if posts like this are allowed or if I am posting in the right place - the aim of my post is to find a silver lining in the nightmare we have been living through by asking those of you who can to donate to the PDSA. Nando was involved in an accident; most likely getting hit by...
  2. CatCrazy777

    Too early for Christmas cats??

    Are your cats as excited for Christmas as mine?? 🎅 :lol: Let’s see your Christmas cats!
  3. CatCrazy777

    Grey tabbie?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering how I would describe this kitten that found its way into my home :lol: Realised that when describing him my knowledge is limited to "the grey stripey one" :lol: Here's Milo, tried to find the clearest side on and belly pictures that I have, apologies they aren't...
  4. CatCrazy777

    Cat Appreciation Posts!

    I'm so grateful for the day I met Nando and decided to take her home, and needed somewhere to express it - and I'm sure a lot of you guys feel the same about your cats, so this thread is the place to do it! :cheerleader: Since rescuing Nando, there have been times when I thought she was simply...
  5. CatCrazy777

    Some Vomiting

    Hi guys, I just wanted some advice because I've read different things online. Although Antonio seems fine and isn't acting odd on any days in between he has vomited on three occasions, once on Monday 24th December, again on the 31st, and now today on the 13th. The first time it happened I...
  6. CatCrazy777

    Indoor To Outdoor?

    We are looking to move out soon, and I have ruled out nice apartments on the basis that they don't have a garden or are on a busy road, as I was hoping to allow Antonio and Nando the freedom to go outoors if they want to - but after further research the internet seems to be deterring this idea...
  7. CatCrazy777

    Renaming A Cat?

    Hi guys, so I am in the process of rescuing a beautiful cat, who is currently known as Zoe. I am not sure if this was her name before she arrived at the rescue or whether it has always been her name. I was planning to rename her however am unsure now as my partner is not sure whether this is a...
  8. CatCrazy777

    Moving Home And Finding A New Friend

    Hi guys, so to keep it brief there may possibly be a new pawed member of the family soon! If everything goes to plan, we will be collecting her on the day that we move in to our new place. Ofc, we already have Antonio, and I've planned the introductions thoroughly in my head, however I was...
  9. CatCrazy777

    Crossword Assistance!

    In the run up to introducing Antonio to the family, I tried to do as much reading as possible, and that's how I stumbled upon Catworld, the magazine that I now religiously buy every month :lol: I am sorry to say that the kid in me lovesss the fun pages, but this month I am really stuck on one of...
  10. CatCrazy777

    Lost Kittens Walthamstow

    Unbelievably, my partners sister came home from work to find that the Landlord had thrown into the garden her 3, 11 week old kittens because she was 'taking too long to sale them'. I urge people to please look out for them if they are local to the Walthamstow, East London area. Also if anyone is...
  11. CatCrazy777

    Kitten Grooming

    Hi guys, hope this isn't a silly question but I've never owned a kitten before! I've had Antonio for almost a week now, and have noticed that he never really grooms himself? I've seen him lick his paws and thats about it really. So my question is - how old are kittens when they start grooming...
  12. CatCrazy777


    Guyssssss!! The moment is drawing nearer for me to go and collect Antonio! The breeders were lovely enough to send photos of him, and I would love to share them with you all. Really can't wait to have him in our lives. Here he is:
  13. CatCrazy777

    Miller And Calvin

    Hi guys, I thought I would share some pics of my favourite little Roborovski hamsters, Miller and Calvin! They're still a little timid at the moment, but everyday I notice them come out of their shells a little bit more which is really exciting. Normally if not asleep, they're moving too fast...
  14. CatCrazy777

    Hi Guys!

    Hi everyone! I've been browsing this site for a while, and it's been so informative, especially as I have never owned a cat. My partner had one all his life, and decided our house together isn't a home without one, so we've decided to take on the responsibility. We're collecting our british...