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    I wouldn't, it is only meant for large animals.  While some of the drugs are transferable between large and small animals, this is not one of them.  I don't know all the uses for LA-200, but I (dairy farmer) use it for pinkeye in calves, and occasionally pneumonia.  
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    Friskies Poultry Platter vs Grreat Choice Poultry Platter

    They sell Friskies Poultry Platter in the large (13 ounce) cans here.  Grreat Choice only comes in as big as 5.5 ounce cans, as far as I know.  
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    Raw chicken neck safe to feed?

    The primary source of bone I feed is chicken necks.  Most of mine have no problem eating chicken necks that are whole, they make a nice size meal for mine as well.  I do smash them (with a hammer) for the four that are missing most of their teeth, and for the kittens.  
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    Wet, Dry, Raw vs Feline CRF - Is there a Link?

    Milo was fed only Science Diet dry food (a double whammy!) before he was diagnosed with CRF.  After his diagnosis I started doing research into feline nutrition and CRF, and he was switched to a low phosphorus...but not low protein...canned food.  He lived two more years - he also was on...
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    My general advice for everyone regarding nutrition

    My program (Vet Technician) is very much biased and sponsered by pet food and big pharma companies.    Next quarter is there is a class about nutrition and I already can guess how well that is gonna go.  Considering dogs are apparently omnivores, cats need carbs, all animals should eat dry food...
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    High quality canned = High fat?

    I always thought that the EVO 95% seemed especially high in fat, but didn't think much about the other companies.  The last time I looked at the percentages for EVO 95% that are on the can (a few years ago) the fat amount was higher than the protein for a few of the varieties. Just curious, did...
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    What do you feed your cats, and why?

    I feed a prey model raw diet to Morey, Mitch, Malachi, Mikey, TyTy, Shadow,  Buddy, Storm, Missy, Chester, Jill, Haddie, Jack, Crystal, Lynx, Amiga, Clover, Matilda, Mooshu, Rodent, Lupe, Wilda, Hortense, Baldy, Leo, and Theo.  They eat chicken necks, turkey necks, beef, pork, turkey...
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    Best and worst cat treats

    Here are links to freeze dried meat treats that you can get at Petco/Petsmart.  These are links to dog treats but they are just the same as kinds meant for cats - but in bigger bags/pieces.  The pieces easily break up into much smaller pieces.  I just put some of the meat treats in the blender...
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    Best and worst cat treats

    Petco and Petsmart do both have freeze dried meat treats - I don't remember the specific brands though.  They are in the dog treat section :)
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    Best and worst cat treats

    I use freeze dried beef lung or freeze dried lamb lung as both treats and 'food toppers' when one of mine is being picky.  Mostly I just use the Merrick brand - they are meant for dogs - I get them because they are a big bag (1 pound) and only $14 here.  The cats love these much more than other...
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    Mickey, my 27 lbs foster and his journey back to a healthy weight

    Thanks for making this thread, it will be interesting to watch :) I was approached today by the shelter asking if I would foster a 28 pound cat  
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    if making home made, what supplements do you use and why?

    I feed prey model raw (also called frankenprey).  Mine get fish oil and/or sardines for the omega-3 in them, that is the only "supplement" that everyone gets.  I give that because the meat I feed is not free range/pasture raised meat which would be naturally high enough in omega-3's...I feed...
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    Weaning a kitten to raw

    Here is something I wrote up after I switched Rodent to raw (sorry if the links don't work): Rodent was found and brought to me the beginning of October 2011, at that point I guessed that he was about four weeks old.  He was very small for his age as well as being skin & bones; he was likely...
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    Change in cat causing human allergies?

    On some of the raw feeding boards I am on, people have noted that even if they are allergic to cats/dogs, they aren't allergic to ones that are fed raw, or at the least their allergies aren't affected nearly as much.  So yes, I'd say what you feed makes a difference as far as allergies go.  
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    TCS users...Do you prefer Petco or Petsmart?

    I voted Petco before I saw the option to vote "neither".  Petco has a much better healthy food selection, and they are branching into selling raw.  Petsmart seems to have more of the junk food brands are very misinformed employees (at least here). Given the choice, I'd go to the independent pet...
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    Purina One

    Hortense had problems with her hair falling out like that, she was on a different food (Kirkland/TOTW/Innova mix). There are many complaints about Purina foods on the most common ones are vomitting, siezures, diarrhea, pancreatitis, and death...
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    What do your cats eat?

    Five of mine eat canned in the morning and raw at night.  The rest (27 cats) get all prey model aka frankenprey raw...29 cats if you count the two that show up once every few days.  Most of mine are barn cats and s/n but that explains the large number ;)  I feed raw because I feel that it is the...
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    Advice for a Toothless cat

    You could try feeding more canned (if he'll eat it) or to try put some extra wieght on him you could cut up raw meat into small pieces.  My cat Wilda, who has three teeth, has no issues gumming down meat.  It has also helped her gain wieght :)
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    Merrick's Before Grain or Wellness Core?

    Going off the numbers provided to me from the companies six months ago (all numbers on a dry matter basis...provided by the company): 1.23% Before Grain 96% Beef 2.29% Before Grain 96% Quail & Chicken 2.39% Before Grain 96% Tuna 2.80% Before Grain 96 % Turkey 2.95% Before Grain 96% Salmon...
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    Merrick's Before Grain or Wellness Core?

    Between Wellness CORE and Merrick Before Grain I'd go with the Before Grain. Here's why: -Merrick Before Grain has a much more simple ingredient list -Wellness CORE has a very high carbohydrate content while the Merrick Before Grain has a very low carbohydrate content -I have a bit more...