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  1. game misconduct

    wheres maggiedemi?

    is she ok? anyone heard from her?
  2. game misconduct

    waited 8 plus years and change for this

    baby sisters rag doll thats been chicken of me from day 1 last friday for the first time he came up to me and did this :lol:took pics first before petting him
  3. game misconduct

    boiling gizzards

    :lol:graycie wont eat the gizzards raw and i just boiled some diced and tried to offer her she turned her nose up to it so i mixed with her canned food to se if she will eat em is there anything thats safe i can add while boiling them to interest her?
  4. game misconduct

    graycie is a brat

    :lol: she likes to lay down and meow doing the slow blink at me knowing i cant reach her from where i am sitting
  5. game misconduct

    waiting for the tresspasser

    :lol:every morning graycie waits for the stray rolly poly , ear wig and spider to wander in so she can play with em and then snack on em:flail:like a big cat waiting on a game trail for its prey to wander by
  6. game misconduct

    lazy day

    :lol:ac on being lazy on the couch watching tv all day with graycie
  7. game misconduct

    new spot to nap

    had to throw the lil kitchen cart graycie likes to use as a napping spot near me this morning so she has been giving me dirty looks and getting in the way all day until i gave her this crate and put her baby blanket inside it as a new spot to nap near me:lol:the lil brat likes to be in arms...
  8. game misconduct

    graycie is lazy

    :lol:she reaches a leg out and then drags herself close enough to bite the toylazy girl or maybe the cool breeze from the patio feels better than playing:lol:
  9. game misconduct

    how long does it take for hair ball treats to leave a cats system

    only natural hair ball treats i have been giving those daily to graycie for a month or two now . i plan to transition her to nulo hair ball control dry food how long should i wait to be safe?
  10. game misconduct

    cats are the best foot warmers

    :lol:she was cold maybe since i've had ac blasting since this morning.:flail:ofcourse i had to cover her up with the blankets to now
  11. game misconduct

    the nap i interupted

    :lol: she takes up so much space on her trees i feel like i need to buy some new ones with a huge platform she can sleep on:)she still has her coon tail markings
  12. game misconduct

    making progress

    :lol:not to sure exactly how much success it is as to looking at my tarantulas but graycie stayed there. the whole time it took me to fry up some rib eye steaks for dinner been trying to teach her months now that play time isnt while i am cooking dinner she already knows keep outta the kitchen...
  13. game misconduct

    jack in the box toy

    :lol:no handle to wind its triggered by walking past. so glad she knows how to play with no teeth or claws now
  14. game misconduct

    graycie defended her turf

    :lol: apparently there was a strange cat sitting out side my bedroom window. that graycie feels she scared off?:lol:i heard a bunch of tapping on my window but was graycies tail thumping the window i looked out after hearing the growling,hissing etc. seen the cat went back to finnish my coffee...
  15. game misconduct

    the best cat bed

    few laundry bags(draw strings already removed)some dirty clothes at the bottom of a collapsible laundry basket. makes for graycies favorite all day snoozing spot :lol:
  16. game misconduct

    the ambush is planned

    :lol: :lol:graycie is such a brat!she just doesnt get i cant vacuum while trying to dodge her pounce,ambush,attack:lol:good thing she no longer uses her claws while initiating a play session with me(already scarred for life by her claws):lol:guess cleaning gets put off a while again...
  17. game misconduct

    freeze dried treats and traing,teaching cats

    :lol:i plan to teach graycie to jump into her carrier on her own using bribery with freeze dried treats i plan to make what would be good options in chicken,turkey bits and parts that are healthy and good for her?that i can freeze dry my gf's anxiety is to counter productive and causing issues i...
  18. game misconduct

    Graycie is so big

    Definitely need to find new place to board graycie i didn't realize she is such a big kitty or purchase her own cage to put her in for boarding. Actually could use some suggestions on brands sites etc to buy from
  19. game misconduct

    baby tarantula molting

    :bliss: got this lasidora parahybana (aka pink salmon bird eating tarantula)as a rice grain sized baby last summer hoping it will be around 2 inch plus after this molt
  20. game misconduct

    nail trimming

    so gf and i are plotting to trim graycies nail soon since we got the oral sedative stuff from vet we bought one of those plier looking thingies for cat nailsdo they work ? or is it ok to use nail clippers(human ones)?